Episode of Density Mania _ProLogue.


Four years have passed since the debut of Density Mania Pack-1, and now the flagship store is, not by the flagship store, Hankyu Mens Osaka, Tokyo, Tokyo. Development in a good sensitivity select shop that is scattered throughout the country. A 3-year-old-year-old age from Paris debuted brand debuted 2015. DENSITY MANIA returned to reclare RECRERAL, Beyond the sea.

The blog series now writes "Currently from Density Mania's Birth".

Taking advantage of the sense of ster wars coming from the title, the present of Density Mania. In other words, he reversed time series and reading the story from PACK-6 and decided to meet Sales's Kugamatsu. Katsuyukikodama is a fashion brand. There is room for design with one blog.

Then the story of the story quickly.

And this time is a prologue. Because this series is a fully preservative position, so let's read for everyone in Katsuyukikodama fans. First of all, I will not start if I can not be more detailed than anyone else Mania. I decided to start with full-fledged clothes from the blog starting to the first designer. That's why I'm not talking about anything, so I'm not a prologue, so this series trigger.

The first trigger is a meeting with a STYLE PICKS Deepland, which produces the official site of Katsuyukikodama. A company that specializes in fashion solutions & creative solutions, which is originally from the fashion industry, and a company specializing in fashion solutions & creative solutions, which is originally from the fashion industry, and "making happiness in fashion" in Vision. It seems that blogs are also checked, and if you let go of the series, he had a proposal, and the start point was hit by the flow of writing Dency Mania episodes.

Even when the meeting is over and when you are talking with the customers who came to the old flagship store, the core of Pack-2 and Pack-3 with less exposure is exactly out. Finally, it is decided that the episode of Pack-1 to 6 from dialogue with customers will blog !!

Professional Deep-san ideas and customer requests are synchronized. This is no longer going out. Lol

Episode of Density Mania I hope you can see.


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