Shingda and front of Sumida River


Today there was a business talk at the flagship store before opening from morning. I was a business negotiation from 10 o'clock, but I entered the flagship store for 8 o'clock, and I started working while I sovine my favorite Soi Late recently.

As this year, the Lab of the Sorida River and Yanagi Bridge were the center of the activity, so it's fresh and comfortable. Even though I worked in front of Jingu and for more than 20 years, I wonder if the workplace has moved to Yanagi Bridge for a year, and I wonder if Jumiya front seems to be fresh.

Of course, the flagship store is also a place to sell Katsuyukikodama products, but it also serves as sales department, so it will be a place of business talk with the retailer. Since it will be consulted by a lot of products than ever, the efficiency of sales is also excellent, and naturally, sales ideas are also popular. It was really correct that the factory and the management department were combined with the factory and the administration department with the factory and management department in front of Jingu.

When the LAB is transferred from Oshima to Yanagi Bridge from Oshima Bridge, "the rent and fixed costs will be high, but the efficiency will go up, but it will go up with many seniors. Certainly because it was large in 150 square meters, it was not only efficient, but this size has been used more efficiently and everyone began to make an idea positively. By making it together with the management department, it can be built while always fine-tuning the production PC management system, and the solution in its own production has become effective early.

By combining the product with the flagship store, the product is not on the PC screen, the product is not on the PC screen, and the ideas of the Visual Presentation in the pop-up shop and the visual presentation ideas are assembled several times in one season It will come out, and when you talk to customers directly, you can feel that the needs and peeks from now on, CS etc. will be handed directly by saying new and existing customers' visitors.

Even if I move, when the next season's drawing and sample production, even if it is a business plan, the flow of tights to Lab and creates a design, the flow of spending in the flagship store surrounded by the product is quite a lot It is natural.

The enhancement of Lab and flagship stores in your own factory feels like it is one of the most important matters for brand and company growth.

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