Flagship store fixed day


Yesterday Sunday, Katsuyukikodama flagship store was worthroom and stopped.

This blog, FB, and Instagram is also UP, but after reception Week has ended 12/12 (Tuesday), the flagship store regular holiday isevery SundayWhenMondayIt became. So yesterday's Sunday is a closed day. Naturally the staff is closed, so the electricity disappears and arrives at the flagship store that is quietly and quiet, and if security is canceled, it stops in front of the shop and has a customer who is in front of the shop and is looking inside the glass. ....

When I opened a custom glass sliding door key and talked about Sunday and Monday for customers, I asked the Nagoya to see the flagship store! Thank you very much for visiting the shop, and I felt the store and put the music and put the music full sales and made a customer service.

If you are a restaurant, Sunday is a regular holiday, there are a lot in the neighborhood of the Jingu Miyama, but there isn't a lot of days on a day in the store of apparel and miscellaneous goods. The flagship store also serves as a sales department of KATSUYUKIKODAMA, so I will go to Sunday and Monday's regular holidays. Please be careful about everyone.

Katsyukikodama Fragship Store

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12 Tel: 03-6434-9666

Sales: Every Tuesday-Saturday Open / 12: 00 Close / 20:00

Regular holiday:Every Sunday · Monday

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