Paris is coming soon


The designer who is showing in Europe and the buyer to buy in the buyer will be the story of the January fashion week schedule as soon as this time of December.

What is the European Business Agreement? What is OUT in Paris IN? It is like a story, and the dinner's appointment starts to fill in the date and time of the business talk. With the designers, the progress of the sample and the location of the exhibition and showroom, and the bayer blooms in the story of the recent seasonal brands and spots. So, finally, the story is closed with "Let's go back again."

Collaboration with Katsuyukikodama Increased seniors and friends of the domestic brand, and the retailer buyer has become longer, and every European business trip dinner has become beautiful and the schedule has become beautiful, and A shop that has also been decided.

Male steak shop of nearby apartments "Robert et Louise"Sardegna A Tavola", just soon from Gale de Rion Station, is a shop that is always going from Gale de Rion Station. "LE 404" is a Moroccan cuisine in North Male, in the old days, and Indian Cuisine "Marcel" along the North Saint-Martin Canal of Lipabric Station is a recent favorite.

Because the stay is male, it will be eating only around Male, but Fashion Week is full of fashionista. I am always reserved for more than one month since I can not do it free. It is one more month until the end of the year-end January, so I have to make a reservation soon.

Well, that Autumn2018 Paris Fashion Week. The next season's collection will be black from the color mix that has been unfolding for several times so far! While regulating to Katsuyukikodama's origin, new attempts that classic and street come with a new trial will appear one after another.

Every time, this one month is really comfortable to create new things.


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