Bear the name of diamond

Katsuyukikodama has developed an item with an exotic leather from the initial item. Today is a material that is strong in nature now, focusing on "Diamond Python".

Diamond's origin is in that looks, and beautifully lined squid patterns are regularly named like diamond (rhombus). Large individuals are the largest feature of wild and non-other exotic leather with a wild and non-other exotic leather.

From here, the brandPACK-6 / PythonExplanation using.




Show of craftsmanship.

I want you to imagine, but Python Leather is very long and very long when I tried it a fabric. For that purpose, small parts and part use are overwhelmingly in the market.

It is the designer's arrow there, and the designer's huge ball and the factory director. Consistent with the inception of the pythone. It will be a technique called "Hagi), but one in the python's size is different from one animal, and if the size of the eyelids is different from the huge amount of monkeys, it is chosen from the huge amount, and it is taken from one huge python Create a dough like. A high quality that you don't know at all where you are in a way.

This is a simple task category that can not be achieved. I can not ask for work to work at an ordinary subcontracting factory. For example, it is an exquisite pattern that does not know that the fabric made and created will be Pack-6, and it is an exquisite pattern that can not be removed, and a shot of cutting sense.

Give the image drawn by the designer. The factory director is a PARADIDLE company with PARADIDDLE as a NO.1 Kraftman, which is thus creating a tattoo with a designer and a tag with a designer.

It's a pretty maniac story, but I was introduced because I'm taking care of Katsuyukikodama, which is about to sew it.

There is another feature for Python Leather.

Have you ever heard that "Snake's escalation is put in a wallet and the money is full"? Lol The introduction as a major one new article is a snake with one side as a symbol of wealth and prosperity than ancient times. Depending on the country or location, it is taught as God. From such roots, in Japan, the snake escaped shells from the same time, etc., and today, I will say that it is an increase in money with the wallet of serpeaform leather. That's why, of course, this brand has a deployment in the Zeitgeist series.



An elegant atmosphere that woven with the wild sexy expression and Switzerland RIRI's METAL fastener. Each time you use it, the scallops will fall with Gungun. This unique gloss rose is the prime of Python. Python leather who is familiar with yourself and yourself is so attractive that you want to get into your cheek!

Actually I am a wallet, second wallet, and all visiting a python. This time I think I would like to release myself as an aging in postscript. (It is probably a hole and it's a hole It is one of the way to arrange it out, so I will be able to fix it to the factory length)



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