The largest Yama's year 2017 year

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Hay quickly, 10 days have passed since December, and the world will soon be fully open year.

For us, it is the biggest commercial & event month, which is the biggest commercial & event month, every year every year. Sales segments have no longer time for delivery instructions and sales management desk works and stores. The production sector's Lab is also the same, and the factory runs in the holiday return in the production of the New Year's Day production from November.

A sample production of Paris Fashion Week is to follow there. Since the sample for Paris Fashion Week, which is held on a weekly schedule, will be exported to France at the beginning of the year, the sample must be completed almost almost almost in the year.

Since Samples of the Boss of Lab will continue to go around with a scheduling, Samurai of the Boss of the LAB will continue to go around by scheduling, as Sako of the Boss of the Lab will continue to go around by scheduling, and the mass production of the physical power to work Depending on the work, it will be understood that fatigue will be accumulated on the day. It is known to be about every year, but since the size of the brand is also getting larger every year, the experience and data of the previous year are not very useful.

This year, Komatsuzaki (later: Tomoki) joins, and it is active as a boss Sako's buddy, but it is still a place to go to the schedule planned in advance, but I would like to overtake it to the schedule planned. At the time, it has reached a situation where the tail of the scheduled schedule was not visible.

Of course it is not impossible. A few years ago there was only the stage & visual presentation of Isetan Mens at this Christmas time. That's a big event that is a big event, but the Christmas pop-up in Hankyu Mens Osaka will participate in Hankyu Mens Osaka, and this year there was added Hankyu Men's Tokyo promotion and B'-2nd spring lead deployment item, and more flag Shipstore open also overlapsed.

Main business partners' Christmas pop-up and pregnancy, spring-to-spring start-up, thripple matching for the flagship store, but there is also a sample production of routine Paris Fashion Week every year, and this is the river The situation where I have no choice but to get to the flow.

In the sense of tension that I can not get over here, I will go to the brand starting and the largest Yama's largest Yama's 2017 year-old man's creation and production paradiggodol (left and right hit)!

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