Boots trained at the store


Finally, the year-end sales commitment began to rise.

This weekend is Iesang Mens, Hankyu Men's Osaka, Tokyo, B'2ND New Pack Series 2nd Generation "HBD: Hybrid Series (Product number: KK-080M-HBDKK-224-HBDKK-225-HBD)) "The first input, the first input, and the color and type of sold out, and it became the content to feel the arrival of spring. The PARADIDDLE LAB of the Sorida River is a production schedule every week until the year's Tsugiri. The first minute selling "HBD: Hybrid Series" will also be introduced again this weekend, so no worries!

Last week Takuya of the flagship store stylist in this blog has its "HBD: Hybrid Series"IntroductionI'm doing, but this is Spring2018 Spring 2018 Paris Fashion Week announced at Spring 2018 Paris Fashion Week. A lightweight backpack consisting of four materials and colors, a combination of neoplane mattresses and neon-colored vividness is a just-now street item.

At the store where you gather for trends that are sensitive to trends such as Isetan Mens, Hankyu Mens Osaka, Tokyo, B'2nd, new reactions are really faster. Of course, PR events such as pop-up shops and visual presentations are also easy to stop the Katsuyukikodama side at the same time as new works at each store, so it's easy to stop the customer, but those products are excited to new users and repeaters I think that I will be able to purchase it while I think that I will do my best, but not only that, but I'm not enough, Sales' s juvenile, Takuya, and a partner's book team can be active in their dynamic feeling at the front line of the store I think I'm happy.

It is really fun every time in Spring-Summer of December, Season in June, is really fun every time, but the Spring-Summer Spring-Summer Spring-Summer Heavy December has become a big event every year for Katsuyukikodama I feel strongly.

Visual presentation that Katsuyukikodama developed in two weeks in the two-week session at Isetan Mens before starting domestic sales in December 2013, beforeHereBut I wrote but it became an event that I could not forget. The fifth December that the round four years have passed since then. My creation and our production, the quality and speed also rose up, and branding and competitiveness have been enhanced.

In Isetan Mens, a total of 6 Visual presentations of a couple of years a total of 6 times a total of 6 times a year from the PR event in December 2013, B'2nd, Hankyu Mens Osaka, Tokyo, Shinsaibashi Daimaru also added and pop-up events are regularly It has been held at. Hankyu Men's Osaka, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi Daimaru is a super-consistent holding such as entering the entrance of 1F and it is a development as a production store, and the location is graded.

Including a pop-up of spots such as Isetan Hida store, Kyoto Isetan, Ginza Mitsukoshi and Nagoya Racic, it is a demon annual schedule, and the results such as our quality, speed, branding, and competitiveness improvement are exactly I feel strongly that I was trained. Individual techniques improve each other as the bands overlapping the national circuit tour, and the music as a band is the same nuance as the professional becomes more professional.

We will continue to send more high-level merchandising to the world with a booty that gets tensioned from now on, and send more high-level merchandising towards the world, so please expect the next season in this time more than ever! !



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