To men who do not forget the street soul

"To men who do not forget the Street Soul. "Magazine that has a masculinity, straight and originality and originality visuals personally [SENSE]


In fact, I have a Sense fan since I was teen. At that time I am a specialized student, Sense Release Date is naturally checked and lunch off (without waiting for lunch break) Read with your Sense fan's friend. It feels like I can buy one person, but I was a poor poor student. Lol I had to buy a sense when I bought a sense of a lunch and a budget that can be used in the moon. It is difficult to transmit a word choice for a while. A magazine that you want to read even if you're either either side of everyday. That was SENSE.

I still don't forget it, but there is a page where _Julius was a street-like arrange. Shorts & Leggings on a bolewmy sneaker. Double riders in a long long HoodyLongbrim hat coordinates. Of course all black. Throughout the day I saw it on the day I saw it on the foot of Ebisu on the Julius Tokyo Store, and cut a credit card until full limit. It was difficult to pay but I think it was an essential day for thinking about thinking about my fashion to today. It was quite paid, so when I got a card, I was helpled with excitement and tension and anxiety. Lol

Well, the preposition has become a very long time, but the SENSE June issue released the other day.


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Express the world view of Katsuyukikodama with fresh cuts. The best thing that does not turn off expectations! A cheered cheered with Sales's Kugamatsu and "Oh!!!" That should be it. It is a lot of domestic brands, Takegawa-san, who handles the import brand, who is in charge of this brand. "Katsuyuki wants to be this" and it's very happy to work with two people. If you say that it was a love reading from the time of teens, Katsyukikodama will be published in a special thing for me.

Of course the contents are also fulfilling. SENSE breakdown.

Checking the 2018SS preceding item of the checkHbdIt is a series and push item for this termSurge / sacocheIt is a special feature. Please check the magazine for more information! !


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