Gem which swims

Who was named or romantic phrases.

Those who are pinching with this phrase alone are the ones that are passing. Today, Katsuyukikodama is a packed up with a material that develops with many items.

Stingray is a word that points to the thing of 鱏 (A). There is something to be called Garusha with an alias, but this is a synonym. It is a material that requires time and technology to be processed very well while being classified into exotic leather. It is characterized by the elegant appearance and elegant appearance like beads. Introducing the lineup of our brand that made full use of "swim gems" that shines as brushing.




Pack-1 with Katsuyukikodama icon is an overwhelming presence with the sparkling of beautiful three-dimensional and stingray. White-like spotted sites in the center of Ai called "Sting Ray Heart" can only be taken from one to one. One in the handle, two at the center, and finish a total of three stingray hearts for luxury.


In addition to backpacks in Katsuyukikodama, there is a deployment of stingray with Zeitgeist and Wallet series. It is also recommended to incorporate from small items that the exotic leather is the first time. First of all, be sure to incorporate this beauty to the item that uses everyday, and surely fall in love with this unique and smooth touch and a sharp gloss! Ace is a hard and wound strong, and it is a sea creature, so it is also resistant to water, and it is also called a leather that can be used carefully if it is handled carefully. Please check out the stinglay of the monolithic thing just!




Period from December 1 to December 10 FlagShip Store and Official Online Store are triple point campaigns where points are tripled more than normal. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

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