KatsuyukikoDama ≠ back pack

The SURGE / SACOCHE series that started in the country from the other day. Because there was a posting in the magazine "SENSE", it is also a good person who was worried? ? Sakoshish of the impression that it has increased from last year to the end of the year. During a simple structure, while the flat structure is used in the road bike race, Katsuyukikodama will release a new bodybag propose.


What a beautiful stereoscopic feeling. There is neither a release but I personally remember the feeling close to the moment I first hit Pack-1. It will be a masterpiece that leads to the future of this brand. Katsuyukikodama = Back-Pack concept broke in a good sense, a series of SURGE's name. It is good to feel the scene of the future development of our brand. Of course, the best of the brand weight is in the backpack from now on, but other items have been updated securely. Now of Katsuyukikodama is now expressed in this small campus, and I have to fit this item

The No. 10 size Zipper entangled with neon color in the compact body of the colonable form, and metal parts that symbolize this season will sit. The beautiful arch that created by integrating the map and the back of the back is realized outstanding fit. It works that the familiarity of styling with exquisite size and material, color development is outstanding.





Today I wore Khaki's N2B, so I felt high-street in the sakoshish of the combination of Navy × Python. Items that are likely to be difficult to see are also easier to adopt with standard colors such as khaki and navy. The strap is recommended that men's should be short and fit into the body!



Classic black also works with python and always exotic more exotic. Fresh styling with colon form and edge-based material use gap. Brush up to elegant military style with neon color orange and khaki N2B color match.

This time, we focused on the outline and styling of the item, so when the next Sakoshish is an article, it is still possible, such as the part that could not be introduced by placing the detail and not to introduce it, and the dressure scripture. I will introduce SURGE / SACOCHE to another angle from another angle.

Katsuyukikodama = Back Packs the Surge Series. Please experience the lineup that let me feel the beginning of a new story!


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