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Let's write down that the Flagship Store has opened in the first weekend of December, at the store at the store.

1. Flagship stores that customers and us wait

Customers who came to the store were really desired to open this flagship store. The only place where Katsuyukikodama products are expanded in one hall are the flagship store, and there are also products and limited items that have never seen, so the inside of the store consisting of two layers is exactly the treasure hunt state.

Takuya Takuya is from Domebra and loves fashion and brands. Moreover he is a designer and I knew that it was a designer, and he was in charge of collaboration planning with Katsuyukikodama, so I am familiar with the brand itself. Even if you are a selling of sales, the founding member has a wealth of topics such as branding and secret talks and spill stories.

So the customer service time goes over in no time when you talk with the customers who came to the store. A space of comfortable contact with such customers and staff is a flagship store, and our customers also asked for this exactly.

2. Meet a plurality of customers owned

It is a user of KATSUYUKIKODAMA as a user of KATSUYUKIKODAMA, gradually increasingly increasing the handling stores from February to 10 months and 10 months and 10 months, which is started by Isetan Mens. There were many ways to have a backpack including PACK1 and accessories such as wallets and key chains in the flagship store. People who were owned and were able to have a lot of people who are owned and have been full of their feelings.

3. Customers are coming to read this blog

If you ask a customer who came to the customers who came to the store, asking you to align your mouth when asking questions. Moreover, "I'm looking for a moment!" As a happy word, I can not get a reaction directly from the customer until the blog and news content can be a flagship store. Because it is amazing fresh, I'm wondering what to write brand information from now on!

4. Easy to send from the brand side

When the roadside store opened 17 years ago in front of the brand, when the roadside store opened 17 years ago, it was difficult to send information from the brand side to the customer. The Internet has begun to spread the Internet, but the communication environment was not more perfect, of course, so I did not have an iPhone because I made a home page and put information there. It is also possible to advertise to the magazine, and there was a lot of attention to wait for the brand a little bit. Customer sides and all the information only waiting for outgoing outgoing calls.

That's right now. The brand side can send cancer information in blogs and own sites, including SNS such as Insta, Facebook, Twitter. And all it is free. The information we have in the evolution of the technology can easily convey the information you can easily spare, and customers can always use various Devices to see the information. The brand side and the customer side also worked on their own action to achieve and complete almost all things. Both sides have ended. It was a really great era.

The more than 5 days have passed since the end of the flagship store opened. I will write in this blog again because there will be no more different impressions again. Various information from Katsuyukikodama, enjoy!

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