2018SS Preceding Sales [HBD]

Flagship Store Open From December 1st of 2018SS, we will introduce backpack lineup from the HBD series.

First of all, what is HBD? When.

Okay, I didn't think about HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY at first. Lol

Okay. HBD is an abbreviation of Hybrid (hybrid). I think that it is often used in the same way as simply referred to as the same translation, which is often used to combine different types, and it is a word with Spacy and mode image with a mechanic.

This time Katsuyukikodama is the hybrid to come out.


Brand's first neoplane × Sheep Swede × Cowerzer Musty Touch and the Grand Characteristics of the Brand The Beautiful Form and the Groundful Neon Color With A Hybrid Style.

Neopene fabric is a Katsuyukikodama original fabric. If it is thinner, the design will lose weight, and the light atmosphere of the neoprene is broken. In order to create a matte color and exquisite drape feeling, it adjusted the thickness and implantation of the fabric to realize an ideal hyalineness and touch.


If you focus on details, the impact neon color will be the piping of the inner and waving, and it is not only the item for lifestyle, not only as an item, but also "design for lifestyle".

A design for a well-known and unwanted business that removes luggage from a backpack on somewhere cafes and offices desks. If you want to see the feeling of playing in the lining of the Tailored jacket.

Today I was wearing a medium gray Hoodie on a charcoal gray coat, so I put ice gray Pack-1-m and coordinate with gray gradient. I brought orange, yellow to accent and waving to the street. The colored matter is given to the coordinates summarized in the same color and the impression that has been gown.



Pack-5 selects black.



Make the weight of the material with all-black and wipes the weight. Pack-5 Box Silhouette × All-Black Combination is a versatile. I also think that Jakupan and suit styling are also good. It is a so-called "Jacke" item.

Because it is a catcher item, please experience "Hybrid Style" proposed by KATSUYUKIKODAMA, which suppressed to be suppressed, and the proposed KATSUYUKIKODAMA! !


Katsuyukikodama flagshipstore

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12


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