Just Fit Flagship Store for "Appearance-La"


Katsuyukikodama Flagship Store opened and received a lot of flowers. Thank you very much.

When the flowers are lined in front of the store It is really happy to spend in the shop while feeling the vitality of each.

It is said that "Castle has been done" from many people who rushed with open celebration. When I was prepared for open preparation or repairing and arranging the goods, I did not feel like that, but when I opened it at the store, I was filled with Katsuyukikodama products Certainly, it is a "Cloud Katsuyuki Castle" that is not a take castle.

From now on, it will be a source of sales strategies such as pop-ups, and the sales strategy such as pop-up, and the sales of sales with business partners. And I'm thinking of drawing at this main store. Yes, the main store is not only as a direct management flagship store, but also the sales base and is also a creation atelier.

I think that it was the correct answer again that the flagship store was this place (Shibuya-ku Jingu. 3-7-12). Mai Izumi and Lotus, Le Burternu area will see a great bustling when it becomes a weekend, but I wrote before, but I wrote a property in the back of the back. The crowd of the city is like that, but I wanted to be a space where I could enjoy shopping slowly, so I chose this place.

However, since it is along a road that travels to the UA main store of Back Harajuku in the place where he went to the back of the Mai Fountain Country is about 200 meters, so there was a lot of people, but the flagship store was not expected. It feels like it's quietly, and it's just just fit in the brand concept "Appearance-appearance".

So far, I went out of Tomigaya from Tomigaya in the head street of the well to work, but it was more likely to use the Gaien West Street just because I changed to 3-chome from Jingu 4-chome. The Gaien West Street was not an area I did not know because I went to the Watarium Art Museum and Flower Hall Fuga, Iron Plate Chinese Shanway and Taste Italian Le Barbec something, but it is not because there is so much familiar I was.

Naturally, it has become almost 3-chome since the contract, and it has become familiar with the air feeling around this area, and the wind that comes up from Harajuku also has come to feel comfortable before. It is said that it goes in the city, but it's just that.

Well, the flagship store opened and received a lot of customers and many people. As there is also a parking lot that has been contracted at the company nearby, please call the staff when you come by car. We will guide you to the place!

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