KATSUYUKIKODAMA flagship store opens


Finally, the Katsuyukikodama flagship store opened on December 1st.

In the morning, the rain from the day before, but the open time has begun to be sunny, and it became the best weather to welcome customers.

Sales of Sales 'Sales' s, Sales, and the store manager's Takuya, and the Lab of our company also had a fuss that also overlaps novelty production, even in the middle of production of busy season products in December.

The concept of the Katsuyukikodama flagship store is a paul dance bar in the 80's. Early my youth time, an adult playground who has been in love with the teenager. Children can not enter a bewitching and dangerous place.

When I saw a member of the Pauldans Strip Hut, which appeared in the PV of Motley Crue "Girls, Girls, Girls", I felt I was very adult and felt quickly. It is completely knockout in the figure of the blonde sister who danced. Tommy Lee, Nicky Six, Vince Neil's Yande, who plays Paul dance strip huts on Harley, Vince Neil's Yanky Six The bar is just one of my roots.

The roots were the concept of the flagship store.

The store is two layers on the first floor and the first floor of the basement, almost square space. The ground floor is exactly 15 paul dance bars, and paul stands perpendicular to the ground is 15 and one center pole on the wall. The pole is not a beautiful blonde elder sister, but a katsuyukikodama bag that emits powerful appearance.

The image on the first floor is a VIP room in the Paul Dance Bar. The sofa of a 3M huge counter and a 2-divided 1,200 m / m-picture sofa was manufactured originally.

The 3M counter is a production request for Mr. Fujisawa's Saito Kobo. The weight of the heavy counter made of the iron plate is 190 kg. The loading of heavy counters was a work to have an imagination. The beauty of the finish of every corner of every corner of the day is Tenkaichi, and it is a workshop. The vibration finish of stainless steel and pole on the ground floor and the welding of the horizontal bar and the welding are so beautiful that the breath stops. Mori, thank you always.

Two-divided 1,200 m / m-sofa requested by Kaya Antique. Minimalic sofas finished with cowhide purchased from the UK and Italy are likely to sit really with a pleasant hardness. The cushion was the correct answer that I wanted to get as hard as possible. The painting painting of the 1920's antique table tree coated with the center pole of the UK and the center pole of the basement is excellent, and the couch helicopter curve was finished to be better than imagined. Kiya Antiques. Mr. Miyazawa, thank you very much.

Saito Kobo and Kaya Antique's buildings are built on the same land. Isn't this a great miracle? I always think. I wondered if the artists gathered in the same land but not accidentally.

Also, I was very much indebted again this time, Mr. Oto-san, who was divided from the end of September. Thank you for realizing the longing space that I had imaged for many years. Thank you very much.

Well, the finished and opened flagship store. "The child's playground who is admired by the teenager, the child who can not be able to enter absolutely," is a concept, but because it is not at all in a dangerous place (laughs), come to the treasure hunt Please.




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