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The studs of Katsuyukikodama, which appears in the 2018 Collection of Spring and Summer, use Italian Ramponi.

This Ramponi's studded was introduced from Mr. Kitayama, Tom & Design of Designer Friends in summer this year. Mr. Kitayama encounters Ramponi at Tokyo Leather Fair, and will be a business talk with Limoni of Japan's agency later. He sent me an image of a studded and graphate (nail head) to LINE, "It's amazing, here. Since I also talked about Kodama-kun, I will go soon!"

As soon as I saw the sent image, I was able to understand the saba, and the studs have been adopted by many items in Katsuyukikodama, but there were many things that I have shown in the image, so I have never been away from my head. So, I went to the office of Ramponi's Japanese distributor Rimani, who was not placed so much.

Running Komazawa Street west from Ebisu, and a room of a building in the middle of the hill on the right side of Masamagasaki is Limagni's office. If you climb the slope and turn left, it is a station of the Mt. The office's business chamber has a swatch for several years of Ramponi's studs and graphate, and can view the archive. Furthermore, there are a lot of new and type sample samples, and many color samples, and at first it goes out and I can not know what. They began to be able to organize traffic and continue watching studs and graphate for more than one hour.

Ramponi's studs that also adopt European Maison are luxurious and bewitched and it is just a street in Industrial. How do I celebrate these while looking at a lot of swatches and archives? I was thinking about it. On that day, I took a lot of photos and returned to the company and continued to work into the next collection of Katsuyukikodama while returning back to the company.

On the way, while reviewing Limagni again and again, I could see how Ramponi came to see, and I came to the image after the 2018 Spring Summer Collection. I also wrote this kind of blog, but Customize the main concept of KATSUYUKIKODAMA in 2018. "A Decoration with Art and The Beauty" Customize event is planned to be expanded largely at Pop-up and Hankyu Mens, Pop-up events and flugship stores at B'2nd. It is this Ramponi, which is a collaboration with Mikio of One Made.

Through Katsuyukikodama, you alone.

~ BE Yourself, Just for You.


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