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Thank you for reading. Takuya of the stylist. Finally, the blog was also information on information. It will be Katsuyukikodama Flagship Store Grand Open on December 1! !

We will hold the daytime reception with the opening.


Katsuyukikodama's first direct store listed in the concept of "80S La Rock, Pole Dancing Bar". Designer Gotama is a space-designed KATSUYUKIKODAMA world that has been a store design and leading to interior and exterior details.

The holding period is from 1 to 10 days of open day. The time is up to AM11: 00-PM 20:00. During the event, we will provide welcome drinks and finger hoods. I hope you can celebrate together!

KATSUYUKIKODAMA FLAGSHIP STORE / Shibuya-ku, Shimiya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12 will be addressed.

We offer special projects to open. If you purchase more than 10,000 yen during the event holding the event held, you will receive both KATSUYUKIKODAMA Novelty Tote Bag and Original USB! !

Photo 2

Bag brand is Novelty Tote? Don't get it. We will wake up in the original paper (pattern) and finish the special item that printed a new graphic design. The fabric selects Cordura nylon 1000, which boasts seven strengths of traditional nylon. I'm too luxurious enough to hear. That's why there is a little little bit. This tote back was originally scheduled for sale as an open commemorative item. It is Taito Ward in PARADDEL LAB of Yanagi Bridge. Team Katsuyukikodama (Tomo KK)'s meeting is decided and the design is decided and the dummy sample check is completed, and the sales price setting and agenda progressed. "This tote feels gratitude from Katsuyukikodama to the user from Katsuyukikodama, which has reached a directly managed store. Let's raise it as a novelty, and the voices of the crane of the designer. Sales's Kugamatsu is also in air. ... I'm going to give up

Photo 3_edited-2


In addition, the USB of the simultaneous presents changed strangely ...? This item called "Slap". If you add tension with an original printed rubber, it's a Gimmick's effective USB. If you wound on your arm, you can get accessories and back to the charm style one point. Under the image my personal Pack-6 Italian Study Model. I wound in the hand and make it one point. Capacity is firmly 4GB, and the contents still unpublished KATSUYUKIKODAMA visual shot, original graphic wallpaper data is saved. By all means. (Novelty This alone is enough too much ...?)

By the way, both are available only for limited numbers. It is a common story, but such thing with the world.

Well, this time, we have delivered the opening of the flagship store, and the reception information and novelty information were delivered.

Then we are waiting for Katsuyukikodama FlagShip Store / Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


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