a Decoration with art and the Beauty

MIKIO of MAXSIX designer came on the last day of the 2018 summer exhibition, who went in mid-November. "Tomota Toma today is today?" Called "Today is today?", And I thought there was something wrong and waiting for Mikio to come.

With MaxSix, PR companies were previously the same, and only once at a joint exhibition sponsored by that PR companyIt became together. After that, I would like to disturb the exhibition and order the next season with one hand, and MAXSIX is always indebted, Mikio is one of the senior designers who respect.

2018 Mikio, who appeared since the final day of summer exhibition, she appeared in the exhibited new work after passing through the first way, sitting at the opportunity table and "Today is the story of collaboration ....." I cut out.

I see, so if I have confirmed to Kumatsu and then I came to the exhibition ... If you are looking at the story while thinking, this collaboration story, even if the story is increasing, even if the sense of exciting is increasing It came out.

Mikio seems to have been learning oil painting since seven years old, and he seems to have been a major school, and he seems to love to write pictures since ancient times. He wrote graphics and fonts handwritten handwriting, and the brand that launched the field straightOne MadeIt seems that I launched this year.

ThatOne MadeWhen the Look takes a page, Mikio World is a burst, and the slipped modern art graphic and a unique font message, a unique font, and a smiling swapen and charm will scream everywhere! ! It is a 1st collection with a sufficient value.

All of them are handwritten by Mikio, and various things that handwritten clothes and bags directly to the version of handwritten graphics are silk-printed, and graphics are used to make them into data.

This story is collaborating to draw handwritten fonts and paintings by such Mikio, KatsuyukikoDama bag. Instead of being a pattern order replaced by the material, I made a handwritten picture and font with a buffet bag, "I only customize my customization" was felt now, and I felt two reply to Mikio's proposal.

For the time being, I talked to my personal matter in front of this Chan, and it was a tote that became a torture (KK-205-C-BLKPassed Mikio to Mikio. And 10 days later, this bag has been completed.


I am surprised to get in the Atelier of Nakameguro! It's too wonderful, and the tote that was a crucian came back with her breath! This high quality creation that feels the future now. This is just a collaboration.

An original human-style charm drawn on the back of Katsuyukikodama with handwritten is also given to a present.

This story went more and more and more and more from the atelier bag, but firstOne Made Collaboration items of X Katsuyukikodama will be started from December! Furthermore, a lot of collaboration items (← ← items still secret www) are in progress. stay tuned!

KatsuyukikodamaOne MadeIncluding a collaboration with a collaboration, Customization events entitled "A Decoration with AND AND THE BEAUTY" will be held in the pop-up event.

Casmise events with Italian studs and brands and customized permanent corner in the flagship store are also planned, and 2018 "You are only you, only you" is the main concept! Information about this will be announced at any time on this blog!

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