Flagship store, finally this week!


There was an opportunity to meet about 10 domestic brands for the first time in a year. Some people had several times in this year, but most members are really reunion for the first time in one year. The drinking party was really fun.

On the drinking party, I only participated last year, but this year, Toda who joined Sales's Kugamatsu and the new member (hereinafter referred to as: Takuya) became a place for various information exchange.

The information for relocation of the flagship store and the main office of the company was sent to each relationship immediately before the drinking party, but it seems that it was not reached yet, and it seems that many people are from a lot of flagship stores and open Sun, market composition, etc. It was really sorry to explain while not guidance has arrived, but everyone is voiced and voiced, and I will do my best!It was also encouraged to further have a spirit towards an open day.

The main store of Jingu Miyamiya 3-chome is also large for interior work. "Finally the feeling" is going to be a bangban, because the person who is involved in the space where my roots is one circle and works every day, and it has changed every day, but this is a great pleasure for us.I enjoy such a day.

That's why one week. Flagship Store Open just before.

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