We have started Stylist Blog in parallel with Designer blog, designer blog to open FlagShip Store open.

I'm late for your greetings, I will be responsible for Stylist Blog Toda Takuya.

I am in charge of the Katsuyukikodama Press and the flagship store stylist.

Then it goes away.


· We will launch the designer branding, the story from another angle and launched to feel close to the Katsuyukikodama World.

· Delivered articles specializing in product information and styling proposed by the stylist.

etc. Besides styling, there are also plans of the Flagship Store limited.

Please let me talk about encountering Katsuyukikodama, which doubles as self-introduction, so it's a great place before the opening information release of the Flagship Store.

In the Middle of Dreaming.

The encounter of the designer's Kodama and Sales's Kugamatsu was around 2014, and at the time I was having a braise and jewelry design with the apparel planning and jewelry design at the apparel company who has made a bag of Katsuyukikodama. Every time they meet the face at a meeting, Big News has jumped out of handling at overseas select shops and the development of Paradiddle Lab. I felt that the rhythm that Paradiddle was engraved gradually and definitely from that time, and faster.

I can not forget when I first encountered the factory director at the exhibition hall. It was the moment I knew what to say that it was a Japanese manufacture brand. The craft has been done alone, so it's too much shock. Before the exhibition, the designer and craftsman are tagged and the image will be embodied at the high speed and power. Sales will release it all over Japan, without the short hair. The rhythms that three were created were very cool and felt felt.

2017. The rhythm created by three people has started to make a large groove feeling of creating a flagship store. The same time, I received a relationship with Paradigodol and accepted as a companion. I wonder if this was fate.

Today, I feel really happy to be happy to be able to stand in the flagship store where three people looked at Katsuyukikodama's signboard, who have created Kodama, Sako, Kushimatsu's founding member.

In the middle of the dream.

Ghost. I was introduced as a self-introduction.

It is a bit unfeeling that it can not open the open information as it is, but let's meet at the store! !


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