Antiques and modern contacts encountered in Milan are realized by Fujisawa


The interior of the flagship store is progressing little by little.

The interior work was suspended once from November 7th to 3 days, and the interior work was interrupted once, but from the day after the exhibition ended.

Work is a rapid pitch for Fujisawa's workshop. Sayao Kiya Antiques, who is back behind the workshop, is asked by one off the production of the sofa put in 1F.

There is also a long relationship with this Kaya Antique. After launching Katsuyukikodama, I was asked to introduce an antique furniture shop from Mr. Kobo-san, Mr. Mori, who was a workshop at the request of the Visual Promotional fixtures in Isetan Mens.

At that time I was presenting a collection with MarCona3 in Milan, but an antique mirror, doors, tables and chairs aligned in the showroom matched with modern office desks and chairs , I was impressed by the wonderful sense of Italian every time I went every season.

When I made Katsuyukikodama's showroom, I collected a lot of antique mirrors and I wanted to arrange it every time, I went home every time, and went to the Meguro Street Antique Furniture Store every week.

Under such circumstances, I'm surprised to go to Fujisawa's Kaya Antique, who received it to Mr. Mori! In a big warehouse that appears suddenly in the residential area, the United Kingdom and French antique furniture will be lined up in a row! ! The number 1000 is more than 10,000 or more, and it is a great inventory amount.

At first, it will be overwhelmed by that amount, but when you look slowly, you will be able to notice that there are no chicks and tables, tables and sofas. And if I get one hour, I am noticed that it is a treasure mountain and I can not get away from the spot. I was going to buy a mirror and chair every season every season, and I was arranged in an exhibition, but they are also scheduled to be placed in the flagship store.

Such a Kaya Antique has recently learned that the original sofa is manufactured, and decided to request the manufacture of the customers for customers for the flagship store. Mr. Miyazawa who is in charge is a meeting several times, and the wood frame is currently completed. After that when the leather I ordered in Italy arrives, I brought it to Fujisawa and entered the work work, and the workshop is completed as many furniture as many fixtures in production.

These are completed, delivery-It will be installed, and the whole picture of the flagship store will be finally visible! By the way, it is expected to see! !

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