Power aura releases furniture

I am carrying my feet many times to "Saito Studio" in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture by a meeting of Flagsip Store fixtures. Mr. Katsuyukiko-san starts the production of furniture in various situations such as pop-up and visual presentation, and has been a dating for more than 10 years.

Mr. Mori was originally a four -dom trial race teammate that was addicted to the early 30s. A friend who has invited the team to the team in the world of four winds and fights together in many tournaments. I got the world for independence, but as a result, I was going to work together in the work of work.

Saito Kobo-san-san, a restaurant group's interior, foreign-affiliated hotel entrance, artist stage decoration, and a fashion show runaway decoration. A first person of aging technology to rust iron and deepen the facial expression of the material, it's also an exaggeration to say that it is not something that will probably not come to the right, or there is no one that will probably come to the right, or no matter what is not it.

When I put out a directly managed store, I have always thought that I was able to request furniture to make a fixture of the art group. The design was designed for the exhibition of Sakai City, Sakai City, and I asked for workshop.

So, I went to the end of the workshop, but I went to the last time, and my work was in progress. Making fixtures were lined up at the factory, but even during production, fixtures have already emitted Gingin and Power Aura. Good things are "good things that are good things" that their themselves are "good power", so it's better to be transmitted from the distance.

Saito Kobo Mori sends a flagship store concept, and asked for furniture made to grade up pop-up and fixtures that have often been used in Japan and abroad. Bags that we create and continue to create dance dance with furnished furniture.

KATSUYUKIKODAMA flagship store, interior work war line abnormal!



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