New stimulation to receive in New York


It is already already down to New York14It will be before the year.

14A year ago, a presentation in Paris2It was New York after I experienced it. It was a paris that was thought to be an ultra, but I received an order from many Western select shops and my mood is a high tension in Norinori. Yes, next is the mainland of the United States! It would be absolutely accepted and I did not think that it was a dream that was kicked off with a simple feeling that I got in with a simple feeling.

Since then14What is a younger day of the year, and I will be a little adult, and what will I face New York? It was quite sowasowa before coming here, but even though it comes once, the guidebook is not buying at all,WebNo search for Anyway14While making bitter emotions for New York in the year, we did not make a trip to the trip other than hotel reservation at all.

14A year agoSOHOI stayed at. From there, head to the exhibition hall along the Hudson River, at nightSOHOThe French along the Spring StreetBalthazerEating every day. Rather than the anti-provision meeting of the open exhibition, the steak frit eats in New York but not in Paris, but I was frustrated, and I ordered a food and alcohol. If you think now, the reality escape place isBalthazerWas it?

This hotel isSOHONot a Grand Central Malay Hill.SOHOThere were a lot of shops where the area is our target, and there were many topic restaurants and cafes. after"Balthazer"I also wanted to dinner again, but there is also a suffering feeling and naturalSOHOI avoided it.

New York, early,NOSEASONofKenjiCongratulations with select shops for Kun and Greenwich Village. It was supposed to be able to continue to work with that time, and turned out quickly, and returned to the production of an additional care received from the select shop. Even after cutting a good start, a manhattan retailer turns around with a single point and a business talk or research.

That's why I felt.

It is that the brand of seniors ~ Komdegalson, Yoji Yamamoto, Undercover, Soloist, etc., not only major select shops and department stores well known in Japan, and carefully and carefully deployed There is. In the shop that admits our creation, the product is properly lined with the size of the scale. Senior brands are seriously and steadily created the market, and the castle has not been seen overnight, but this business trip became a chaking collar.

I thought of the same thing as independent, but I wanted to reach the stage of my seniors early, I'm hurry, I'm hurry, but this time I'm a New York Business trip, and I should be aware of my own standing position and I could check the action, and from tomorrowCreation JourneyI feel strongly to be the driving force of.

This Malay Hill Hotel this time60A lot of work can be done with the room of Junior Sweet, which is square meters.KenjiMeeting before Kun's business was done in the living room of my room, and after the power dinner who kneads the next strategy, at the desk of the accumulated ideasiPad ProWrite out. It is really thankful that there is a living room where you can work different from the bedroom. Occasionally13If it is time, it is also a pretty trip that the time difference blur is also a private trip, thanks to the time difference blur, the work can be done at midnight and the work can be done as a thruster.

And next1The plan of Paris of the moon has been solid. If it was in Tokyo at this time, it would have never been hard to come here.

New York has been newly stimulated and has become more and more fun.


[Top images: East River / Bottom Image Obtained from Murray Hill Hotel: Sooho Spring Street Friends from "Balthazer", Walking Crossby Street Walking Daily Walking

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