Strangely comfortable New York


I am in New York.

For the first time in summer in 2003, it was for the first time in 14 years. This time, the main mission to the presentation of Greenwich Village's Select Store. Since they are looking directly in contact with Katsuyukikodama, I asked Kenji-kun of Paris Noseason and put an appointment at a stretch, including other select stores. Kenji Kun also calls New York and unfolds a sales roller operation of only Japan's general election.

The first thing I felt in the first time in 14 years, I felt it was new compared to the road and Paris, which was a newer, but it's a pleasant feeling of the old brick city. 14 years ago, I didn't feel anything I saw this city, why when I watch it now, why is it strangely comfortable?

Well, I liked Paris at that time, so I could not say a half-new halfway that I could not say something out of New York.

And the road was really beautiful. The garbage has not fallen and has been developed. It is Malay hill area, but I feel the whole town with a clean and comfortable citizen's thoughts. Since the citizens are not exhausted in the first place, there is a margin to keep the beauty. After all America is good for the economy. I felt the difference with Europe directly. Tokyo, also Osaka, Kobe, Japan is also beautiful city, but New York is a very beautiful environment, but it is really surprising.

Last night, Brooklyn and I dine ABASI Rosborough Abdul and Greg who handled by NOSASON. I was the first Brooklyn, but this city of warehouse district is also a taste and it is really cool. In Japan, it feels like Yokohama and Kobe. It was dinner, and I want to see it in the daytime during my stay.

New York on the second day. I want to know more about this city, so I will take a walk from now on.

I contacted Hisa Matsu, a new member of Sales in Kobe last night. The two selling units are now staying at Sannomiya in Katsuyukikodama pop-up held in Kobe Daimaru. Pop up in Kobe for Katsuyukikodama!

Please feel Katsuyukikodama again in Kobe that is unlikely to lose to New York.

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