To autumn New York

This week, I will travel to New York.

The opportunity with the select store in Greenwich Village in New York is the main work, but since the Paris Showroom NOSEASON Kenji-kun also calls New York, other appointments will be a bit of a bit, and it will be a pretty exciting business trip .

New York was first for the first time in the summer of 2003. I exhibited at a joint exhibition at the brand sales that worked at that time, but it was a scattered result. First of all, we decided to target wholesale targets with Sales Egland, make a brand release that you will be distributed throughout the exhibition, making a brand release that distributes them in the exhibition, and sent from Japan to Japan It was an exhibition with a pleasure after making a careful basement, such as buffing of buffers who purchased a lot of fixtures in IKEA, which was not landed yet.

Even if it comes, orders are just a few. As the experience of exhibitions in Paris in the past two times was there, it is finally to America in the center of the world economy! It was an advanced depression in a sense, but the cost-effectiveness was very low for quite expenses, and the company has discontinued overseas strategy including Paris who came with results.I ordered an instruction.

So, New York is a place of bittersweet memories for me.

After the exhibition session, I remembered that my heart was a few days that I researched New York. Even if you walk on Timesk Air and Madison Square Garden neighborhoods familiar with TV, you always think "this Tokyo"I did not feel at all, and I was a longing Bernese head office and a luxurious Burg Dorf Goodman, my heart is charged. The only fun was about the opportunity with the trading stores in Meat Packing District and the meal at the gay of the neighborhood.

In other words, the city that has not been the most interesting is New York, overseas for me.

As it is near 15 years, the city will change completely, and it seems that there are a lot of shops that we want to trade too much, so it's a great pleasure, but it's a great fun, but my selfishness against New York on this business trip Can you wipe out your emotions? ? ?

On the last time, there were many days when the sales agent was the office along the Hudson River in Njjaju, and there were many days when I worked on the New Jersey side, but this time I stretched my feet on the east side this time I want to go to Brooklyn. Not only the fashion area of ​​Greenwich Village and Meat Packing District, but also Saoho, who went to Chelsea and your stay last time, also walks slowly again.

By the way, staying is Malay Hill. Go from the evening to a lot of drinks from the evening.


【Image】 LA Marina del Ray, LA who stayed last month. NY will be completely different from relaxing LA in the countryside.

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