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The interior meeting of the Flagship Store of Jingu Miyomiya 3-chome started earlier this week.

ANITS, Sakai, Sakai, Saitama, Saitama, Saitama, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, with the work of the office and the fabrication of the office, and the work of the office interior and pop-ups that are always a good request in the pop-up store of Katsuyukikodama This time collaboration. Both companies are a professional art group that embodies my ideas in the best way.

The stores that point to the direction we go from now on the experience that I wanted to do so far and the experience gained in pop-ups of the whole country, and my roots itself are full of stuffed flagships.

It was a place next to Jinguma front 4-chome from Jinguma, who spent 22 years, but I felt a very sense of discomfort at first right. But I'm getting used to the property with a little meeting, and I am really comfortable to blow up from Harajuku recently. I like this place as early as a source of sales.

Now, the interior concept has been decided and the specifications up to every corner of the store were dropped into the drawings. A rough atmosphere can feel in the CG created by the partner, but it is really fun when imaging the interior when you finished in the skeleton state property.

The flagship store has 1F and B1F, and our world view is more common. Products in B1F, 1F is a space where customers can relax. The 1F sofa ordered the original with the british use furniture shop.

It's a little bit, but the flagship store of Katsuyukikodama that the whole picture has become clear is open in late November.

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