Again to Jumiya

The office of the company who first got a job at the university was Shibuya's Shintosaka.

He has been changing from work for two years. His job tip office is the Omotomiya Front 4-chome. After that, I first got the office first, but in the Jinan of Fire, I moved to Jinguma front 4-chome again later. For 23 years from spring 1993 to summer 2016, my workplace was always Shibuya.

Last summer, the Paradidol headquarters in Jinguma and Front 4-chome became Katsuyukikodama's showume, and Paradiddle Lab, which integrated sales, finance and its own factory, came up on Taito Ward, Taito Ward, Taito-ku.

Since the designer and the sewing site always have a dream that worked to work adjacent to work, the base of my design activity was a very natural flow that the base of my design activity became the PARADDLE LAB of the Sumida River. Actually, I was able to get into my own environment because it's actually involved in design and pattern, and sewing.

The showroom of KATSUYUKIKODAMA in Jingu 4-chome will go to the showroom, etc. Night meals with staff and customers also continued for the past year for the day of Yanagashi, Asakabashi and Nihonbashi.

Yanagi Bridge, Asakusa Bridge, Aoi and East Japan Bridge are just old towns, and there are a lot of delicious shops that continue for a long time, and I will come out to the buildings and places that feel the taste. Recently, a fashionable cafe who landed from the United States from the United States, or a fashionable cafe that ranovates the old warehouse building of the ceiling height, and there is a lot of liveliness.

From now on, it will be transformed now now, I'm getting familiar with this morning, I'm getting familiar with a little bit, and I feel free to talk with Mom, some of the regular cookers and laugh together It has become.

I was completely swallowed with the warmth of history and tradition and taste, and I was the first in the 24th year of society, and the outside Shibuya Ward became active.

Under such circumstances, the property that became a directly operating road store was contracted in September. While spending the day in a wonderful environment of the Sumida River, I was actually looking for a retail store in the land of Shibuya, which has been excited for a long time.

The place you were looking for is the front 4-chome in Jingu. On the hill between Meiji Street and Aoyama Street. This place has a lot of cafes in 4-chome, and it is full of weekends. Midtown areas of young people who enjoy shopping at Minami Aoyama and young people who gather in Harajuku and the backhara in search of new trends are Kaminomiya.

Apple Store and Flying Tiger are made up and traffic goes out, and LA's target organic coffee Urth Caffe will gather from anywhere, and the Cafe pioneer Lotus is always full. Garrett Specialty Store Bulletagne's customers do not know the decline, and a long-established Tonkatsu shop can have a long line of lines. Jingumiya front 4-chome is just such a place.

I love such 4-chome's throt, but I came to look for a property even in a quiet 3-chome area with a slightly missing. From Mai Fountain, Lotus, Le Burtanu passes over the Gaiwan West Street, and it will be a bit calm atmosphere from around the blue ster. There is a front 3-chome of Jingu.

so. The place you signed this time is exactly that Shibuya Ward Jingu. 3-chome. The two layers of 1F and B1F will combine the functions of KATSUYUKIKODAMA's flagship store and head office sales department from the end of November.

Sales's Kugamatsu transfers the sales base again from PARADIDDLE LAB to Jingu Matsuma 3-chome, and I think that half of work will be spent at a direct operating road store. This year, PARADDLE LAB has also been stable while continuing growth of PARADDLE LAB, with the comfortable air and wind of the Sumida River. And I'm continuing further advance. Well then, it is the launch of the desperate flagship store.

Our CREATION JOURNEY is for a yearIt has passed through the branch line and returned to Jumiya again.


[Image: Kanda River I want from Yanagi Bridge]

[Out of the image: A view from KATSUYUKIKODAMA Showroom in Prevert 4-chome, Jinguma]


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