Perfect Sunday in the beginning of October


October 1st. It has been three more months this year. It is not believed to have already reached autumn even though it feels like this year earlier.

Autumn of Katsuyukikodama is already introduced into the store, and the evaluation from customers is also over! A monster item that easily reperts the number records for sale in one month of September has also appeared to have a lively store.

September is a pop-up store in Ginza Mitsukoshi, Hankyu Men's Tokyo, Hankyu Mens Osaka, Isetan Mens Haneda Store, and Visual Promotions in Isetan Mens also continued to hold, probably the best promotion month after the brand was up.

The effects of the first four pages in the magazine SENSE were also huge, and the models published were sold out and continued. Even PARADDLE LAB of the Sorida River also establishes the number of records of the number of production production. Significance of the meaning of the record has been established in less than one member of LAB.

The property contract of the flagship store that was the biggest goal of this year in such a year, the water temperature of our heart was raised to the boiling point at once.

Determine the flagship store concept in September.It is exactly "The Katsuyukikodama". If the content of the concept is opened again, I will talk again, but I'm thinking that I'm thinking about doing pounding and I can not sleep at night.

The goal of 2016 was the expansion of the PARADDLE LAB of its own factory. After achieving it in summer, the next goal and the biggest goal of 2017 became the open roadside flagship store. Honestly, this goal, which was a white paper, even in summer, the outlook could be achieved with the end of the year. There is no reason that the excitement is not cold and it has been continuing.

The current condition of the property is also finished, the directivity of the concept and the interior is already negotiated with the decorator. From this week, it will be fabrication of the design diagram.

An exciting daily will continue until the opening of the Flagship Store of the desire. I'm really looking forward to it. Perfect Sunday in the beginning of October while thinking about such a thing.

Oh, it's a night soon. I wonder if I will open the beer soon.

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