KATSUYUKIKODAMA's first direct roadside store

Katsuyukikodama Contracted the Property of the first direct manager.

The property is found at the site of Ebisu Real Emberry shop, who received the OURET designer Masuda-san. I went to LA on the morning on the morning and slipped in the afternoon.

Actually, this property contains a company that traded for the first time. The place of memories that the transaction started for the first time in 2008. I often remember that I was talking about being tense. It will be remembered like yesterday when I was working to work and delivered the finished sample, and if I say more, I would not forget that the sample fee was transferred to the bank next month.

Such memories, sacred sites for us will come out with tenants. Well, I will apply for a fast attack earlier than anyone! It will be open from 10/1 tomorrow, and we will open about 2 months of interior work and open in early December after November.

Flagship Store Open Two months from now on, I have to do various work, but that pattern and progress will be welcome each time this blog, so enjoy it!


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