Looking over with Dream Theater / When i Identify Ourselves With Dream Theater


I went to the next day performances of Dream Theater. 2nd Album "Images & Words" 25th Anniversary "Album Complete Reproduction + α" Tour Tokyo Performance.

It was my first Dream Theater, but it was a wonderful place that was too perfect for expected, and the third column center was a wonderful place, and it was only a sigh.

DREAM Theater was also written before, but in professional technical, progressive Heavy Metal. Since any song is a collection of variants, it has been a music for super Generic than ordinary people. The actual building board chart also debuted and 10 years have been a super-mastered concept album "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from A Memory", and did not enter TOP 50.

of course it is. In addition to the beating time and perfect unison to move to technical, if the song is started, and the general product of more than 20 minutes of one song is gorogoro, the general public can not easily come close.

However, since the first TOP 20 in the 2007 announced "Systematice Chaos" is the first TOP20, the next issue "Black Clouds & Silver Lining (2009)", "A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS (2011)" In the eighth place and "Dream Theater (2013)", it is completely measured with the seventh place and the latest concept album "The Astonishing" is not even at the 11th and stability. Even so, DeBu Theater will be a regular of TOP20, who will have imagined at the beginning of your debut.

Even if our katsuyukikodama is also progressive, it is a professional for a considerable genius of the product structure and MD. However, some brands that are only limited to people are not in the direction to aim for. We always think of branding that will have product policies for Generans and their products themselves as general zones.

"Pursuing only what you like, and the strange music played by the magnificent of the strange music", "I want to do, what you want to do, and create only what you want to do, and create the times with creatination and production left and right strikes (ParadIddle) "Katsuyukikodama" is absolutely common, and we have never succeeded in the story that I have led to the story, and I felt strongly while watching Dream Theater.

See you Next Time! THANKS! Dream Theater.

I Went to Dream Theater's Concert in Japan for the First Time in Three Years. IT WAS A Part of their Tour in Tokyo for their 25th Anniversary with their Original Second Album "Images & Words" + α.

IT WAS MY FIRST CONCERT OF DREAM Theater. Their Perfect Performance and My Perfect Seat That Was The Third Center Row Made Me Even More Overwhelmed, So I Couldn't Do Anything But Sighing.

.. As I mentioned last time, DREAM THEATER's Metal sound is professional, technical, and progressive Every song of them has irregular metre, so I have always thought their music is only for professionals Actually even their masterpiece "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A MEMORY "DIDN'T GET IN TOP50 for More Than 10 Years After Their Debut.

Yes, Sure. In Addition To Their Technical Rhythms and Perfect Unison, A Song Thong That Has Five Minutes for Introduction and A Song That Has Over 20 minutes keep Away People in General.

HOWEVER, AFTER ALBUM "SYSTEMATICE CHAOS" BECAME ONE OF THE TOP 10 IN 2007, The Next Album "Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009)" HAD THE 6th"A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS (2011)" HAD THE 8th "Dream Theater (2013)" HAD THE 7th BeComing A Major Band, and THEN The Latest Album "The Astonishing" HAD THE 11TH, Which Now You Can See Their Stability. Who Could Imagine That They Would Be A Regular Band in Top 20?

Our KATSUYUKIKODAMA is still not progressive but our way of product construction and MD strategy are already pretty professional. However, we are not aiming for the brand that only can catch professionals' eyes. We are always thinking about the branding that has our product policy for Professionals and Product Itself for General PEOPLE.

"The eccentric music that the magician of the irregular metre plays pursuing only what they like" by DREAM THEATER and "Pursuing only what we like and only what we want to have, and making the new generation by creation and" PARADDIELE "production" by Katsuyukikodama Absolutely Have Points in Common. I Strongly Feel That We Have To Succeed The Story We Are Walking on Watching Dream Theater Again.

See you Next Time! THANKS! Dream Theater.

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