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The image of the Sales sector of Katsuyukikodama's Sales sector, with a few days with LA, and the image of the pop-up store in Hankyu Men's Tokyo went up. What kind of store was handled, I was rubbing about Sales Kugamatsu again and again, so I was expected to expect, but I was surprised to see the image again! ! I jumped up.

Img_8811 IMG_8812

In Marina del Ray's apartment in the Marina del Rey, which is inserted from the curtain gap, I felt the hot air of Sales of Tokyo in Moro and flew away at the throbbing and excitement.

September is the same monthly monthly monthly month (scheduleHerecheck).

Ginza Mitsukoshi Hankyu Men's Tokyo · Hankyu Mens Osaka · Isetan Haneda Store · Isetan Mens · The tour to be rolling with Shinsaibashi Daimaru · Kobe Daimaru is a Nagoya Racic in November, November Nagoya Rasic, December Isetan Mens, Hankyu Men's Osaka in Osaka. .

On the schedule of the pop-up store that was buried up to the Christmas season from the season-in-Autumn Winter's largest event, the sales team and the LAB team also have a rise in tension, but the frontal half of the front half of the war is said to say hankyu men's Tokyo and Osaka Fabrication pop-up store. The luxurious lineup, such as the new work of AW2017, limited models, Hankyu advance release items, etc.

The days spent while feeling the success of the sales team and LAB team that demonstrates team power at the forefront and spending the activity of the LAB team was really exceptional.

Well, Ginza Mitsukoshi-Hankyu Men's Tokyo ends the session. Pop-up at the same time at Hankyu Men's Osaka and Isetan Haneda Store. The opportunity for encountering new customers with the FB page also increases, and it is not a first round of power fully open KatsuyukikoDama.

We look forward to welcome you.

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