Dramatic change in early 2021-Part 2

A 4mm large polyp is found in the early-year-first-year-first-year-first-year-first-year-first-year-colonoscopic examination and resected on the spot.Since there is a risk of perforation and complications, drinking and intense exercise, hot bathsboards and traveling were prohibited. There is no such day when I did not drink alcohol near this 25 yearsCan I have (with a hepatic day)?


Ginza's gastrointestinal tract of Ginza excised Borp is close to Kyobashi from Ginza. If it is not unusual for the annual gastric camera and the colonoscopy, it is a sweet and spicy Osaka curry "Indian curry" in Tokyo Station as soon as "reward" is a sweet and spicy Osaka curry "Indian curry" and eating. I have to.

I can not eat anything from the day before the day before the test on the day of the test, so I can not eat anything until about 15 o'clock. Indian curry that always order (Lou Okari)It will come out,Put the eyes into the mouth and taste the sweet and spicy curry through the tongue, and the feeling of curry to the empty stomach through the esophagus is really painful and delicious, and the unique hotness is also helped and tears each time While flushing the delicious indian curry.This is the routine after the inspection of each year.

But I removed the polyp this time, such sweet and hotCurry is too strong to stimulate and be too bad. So I returned to the office without getting to the shop, and I did not drink after that.

After the end of the work, I returned home early. The nurse at the time of accounting from the day of the surgery to the day of surgery, and the day of the surgery isBooks and udon etcAs I was told, I'm coming home and I have a menu of dinner on that dayOne week of infiltration from now onI was thinking about the menu.

What should I eat dinner that don't drink alcohol? Moreover, there are few stimulation ....... Found a buckwheat noodle where I went back to the fridge and the food cabinet in the fridge. Following the nurse's instructions, the menu of dinner on the day of the resection surgery was made as a "sober soba" that has few stimuli. Seasoning is only soup. There is no oil system.

Drink is Ng, but pinch hitter is carbonic water. With carbonated waterThe tabletop of the minimali polarity of the "soba" and the tabletop of the dinner isIt was so sober and really sad. There is no need for appetizers and knobs to the main because they do not drink alcohol. After moisture thirst with carbonated water,One person 's "soba" was finished at about a minute.

e? This is the end of the dinner? ? ? Hey, I don't feel like there is no sake. Holding alcohol with sake, keeping a snack, and the sake is involved in the main. It is usually about 1.5 hours to finish eating main from the appetizer. When I felt good, I enjoyed my meal time for more than 2 hours on the day before my holiday. Since the meal is also continued after the meal, so I spent nearly 3 hours in a weekday and a holiday on weekdays and nearly 3 hours in a holiday.

If it is not alcohol, the dinner time ends in 1 minute? ? ? It is healthy to finish eating early, but what should be welcome, but what should I do after that time? There is no sense of expensive because the liquor is not in the body, so there is no sense of expensive, and it does not come to be fun or smiling. It is completely a chilaf. More than 25 years since I started the dinnerNightI have never spent. I did not know how to spend the night in the first day of the time of infiltration, and I got lost.

I heard that the physical condition is so good from the person who made bybidding. Since there is an experience that the physical condition has become very good 10 years ago, there is a great feeling that the physical condition has been suddenly improved, so it could be easily imagined. What kind of morning will you welcome the day after refusing sake? I was excited and went into the bed while expecting. However, the next morning, even if you get up, it does not change anywhere. I was looking forward to seeing you to have a refreshing and hopeful morning, and I was a little beaten.

Then it has become fun to drink alcohol if you continue the day that does not drink alcohol. The long time of the night's long time, I decided to spend it to read. Hot tea instead of sake next to me. This winter is really cold, so hot tea warms the body and seems to be good for physical condition management. Sake is completely a fully chilly, so even if you read it, it will come into your head perfectly and you will not forget the content even if it is the next day.

After that, weight began to be reduced from the four, five days. I heard that I could lose weight without drinking alcohol, but it looks like this. The mouth was also better than usual. Did the intestinal bacteria that were killed by alcohol revival and started working properly? The neck, shoulders, and back of the back were completely lost. In this way, it began to be aware that the body's condition has become so busy from this time.

Speaking of which, I was saying that the movie director who met the previously acknowledged has started to proactively, but I was able to talk (laughs) that I came out of the detox effect from the third and fourth days. I had no sense of feeling after alloying, and I could realize that poison was completely out of the body and was completely eliminated. Boarding is good!

After that, I continued to smoking for a week for one week, as well as when I had a sense of accomplishment that I was able to get away from sake, I was quite confident. In the first place, if there is no this polyp resection, there was no intention to make an inflection, and if you are not smoking, if you are not smoking, it will be a long time ago, and it has been a lot of fun and lively. It has come. But in fact, I just imposed the trial that I did not drink alcohol.

A total of 16 wins and 15 loses in January, set the day to drink a rest and alcohol so as not to be impossible after completing the 1 week ban period. I can not believe that I was rampaged for 16 days! In this condition, half of 365 days is half 180 days, and I wanted to go on a hepatic day. I will drink while enjoying drinking without stress and enjoying it while enjoying.

As mentioned earlier, the body's condition is good, weight loss reduction, and the time of night time can be spent meaningful. And the creatation of the February KK exhibition is also quite good!

Meeting with alcohol that was my issue for many years has achieved dramatic change in early 2021. By the way, it creates a further higher creature in a clean body!


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