Flow of dramatic change in early 2021-Part 1

I was planning for the endoscopic examination early year. MRI tests of gastric cameras and five-body six-six-six-crew were always done every year, and it was not all abnormal results in the fall last year. Only colonoscopic examinations were not able to make a reservation last year, and I decided to do it early.

ColonoscopyDuring the day before, by 20 o'clock, the meal was completed in a non-fibrous menu, and it turned to Ginza's hooked gastrointestinal family in the morning of the day. From the gastroenterology, the solvent and water to clean the intestine continue to drink over 2 hours, and it was called to the laboratory and moved before about 1 hour until it was not remaining in the intestine.

After the stomach is empty and then the inspection is performed while hitting and sleeping whole body anesthesia, and if it is about one hour, I woke up naturally. This is the same as the gastric camera. If you move the body from the laboratory to the lobby from the inspection room and rest on the sofa, the teacher is called and the test result will be explained. It's getting used to every year since I became 40 years old. However, this time, the teacher of the teacher was a little different.

Teacher: Kodama, I have a resected with 5 years ago, right?

I: Oh, yes.

Yes Yes. I remember that a polyp was discovered and the place was resected several years ago. It was a small bolip and it was noisy because it was abraded in the viscera.

Teacher: This time there was also a polyp, so I removed it. This time is a little bigger and 4 mm.

Really. After a long time, polyp was made, and it was greater than last time, so the face of the teacher was a bit cloudy. The teacher showed me the image of the polyp and the image of the intestine after resection before excisioning while switching the screen of the PC. The image of the Polyp resected is clearly different from other sites, and the polyps of the white-bearing colored color is shown, and the image after resection removes the polyps with three medical clips like small washing bass. A situation that was tightened was made. Since I did not wear the wound with such an instrument last time, I saw the image and I was a little bit.

Me: Teacher, this laundry funny clip is always this?

Teacher: No, I'm worried because I'm excreted if I have a day after the day.

I had a bit relieved to hear the words. It is a hormone itself that looks good in the grilled barn in the large intestine, but three black and silver metal clips are stuck in such places. If you look at such a strange sight, everyone will be blessed.

Teacher: That's about one week from today, please avoid sake and intense exercise. After the bath is fine, but don't soak in hot water bath. Liquor, exercise, hot water bathIt makes hemorrhage easier to improve blood circulation.After a trip is no good.

Oh yeah, that speaking, the last time was said. But at that time, I was still young and a little bit, so I was normally sake from the day of the surgery without lending my ear without lending my ear.

After that, after the polyp of the large intestine, one person is drilled by about 100 due to drinking, etc., and one person is perforated (holes in the large intestine wall), and one person is complicated and sometimes serious. I remembered that I could know that there were also cases.

After hearing the inspection results from the teacher, the nurse was the same from the nurse at the time of accounting. Sake is no good! It is said repeatedly at the medical examination room and receptionist "Don't drink for a week from today?" At first it was quite depressed. But I'm not a young man, and this time, let's stop this week as it says! I decided to change my mind.

By the choice of drinking because you want to drink alcoholPerforation and complicationsIt is also an apricot that it is likely to approach the probability that it takes extra disease, and the image that three metal clips were stuck in the intestines was shocked so much, so it was also a fact that sake was strongly felt so much .

Moreover, even if there was no such a resection, there is no reason for the two-day drunks, which is close to zero that did not drink almost all 25 years, and the body is not good for the body. Even if it was a horrible year's old-fashioned fruitful brother, even a horrible brother, recently I heard that it was on a hepatic day once every two days, and it was a bit ridiculous, and I can not establish a rest day. Actually I always felt.

Good! Let's enjoy everyday with no sake! !

It was! Positive Thinking of Good Attacks by KK!

From January 6 just opened by the 2021 Current, for the time being, no-week-to-go-to-go (rest) was started.

It will be about 2 ~

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