What I was looking forward to in 2020 ~ Part 2


What I was looking forward to in 2020 is canceled or postponed one after another. Take a "lookful thing that has been fun" that is canceled or postponed in the sense of organizing in your own. This time 2.

Travel to LA: LA that is always performed at the end of summer, I have to stop this year. I have written over and over again in this blog, but for me LA is an irreplaceable sacred place. The LA's La was a profusion video of LATT and Motley Crue in Junior high school, and the LA cityscape and live house, and the strip theater, who came to the strip theater, who lived in Kata land in Kyushu It was made.

I think that the feeling of envy to Western and Europe, including the United States, and the United States, I think that I sprouted when I was in the first grade of elementary school. Bay City Rollers, which appeared in the poster, which was put in the neighborhood of junior high school student in the neighborhood, was too cool and I could not get away from the spot. It is a long and braceful hair, a deep eye, a muscular-passed high nose, pitapita costume, just a European Rock youth itself, but it is similar to the Japanese brother and adults who have been in touch until then I felt the figure and my eyes power to felt my eyes, and I was afraid a lot of surprise. Among them, I asked the most cool member and asked the elder brother of a junior high school student in the neighborhood "Eric." Answer with Eric Falkner. I heard for the first time, I felt fresh and cool and cool, and since then, I became named "Kodama" Eric "Katsuyuki" in a band of junior high school, high school, and university since then (laughs).

Since then, longing for the Western and the United States had been spending while himself, but I was a sixth grader, and the honesty "E. T." published in 1982, that is, envy to LA will not stop. La-flat school residential area and yellow, large school bus, which is not familiar in Japan, Halloween, pizza delivery, main role Elliott's room, alphabet road signs and stores The signboard etc. were too fresh, and the impact was too big to me. Henry Thomas, Henry Thomas, who was an Elliott's role, and I was introduced on TV, San Antonio, which was introduced on TV, San Antonio was seriously looking for the land on the World Map. Elliott's Bluetet Parker and Straight Blue Denim was cool and drowned and crunchy. A hole was opened in the movie program I bought at the cinema. After that, I bought a released soundtrack and listened to the record many times as the record was rubbed. Of course I was moved by the story and the production itself, but I was able to get a glimpse of a glimpse of it, and the film that made me feel close to me for the first time for me was "E. T.". At the sixth grader of this elementary school, I was a dream to live in the United States and live with LA.

Junior high school enteringLA of RATT and MOTLEY CRUE promotional videoThe longing was further enforced, but the roar of Envy, Western Envy, was Bay City Rollers and E.T., and Henry Thomas, Eric Falkner and Eriot.

Such LA has visited every year since six years ago. Dollar banknotes, money, dollar-built deposits, who went last year, were scheduled to go this year. This time I thought that LA friends moved to Woodland Hills near the stage of E.T., and I wanted to go around the location until I went to my friend's house. So far, I have stayed at the Condominium Apartment in Venice Beach, Venice Beach, but I was thinking about changing my mood from this year. That is the rotten corona. Looking back on LA's exchange with the LA friends, I usually had something consultations for the next stay until February, but since I entered March, Corona also became burned from March. The California's overshoot and rock-down situations and Japan's situation continued, and finally, the story to LA this summer has disappeared.

Well, if you say that the corona does not converge, if you say that you travel to LA or Paris, it will be a great deal of life, but I think that it is not a great deal here, but it will be about the corona next year No one knows who is. Really stressed.

Speaking of which, if you are writing this blog and checking the material of Bay City Rollers and E.T.37 years after "E.T." published in 1982 (2019)Discover "! I reunited with Henry Thomas for the first time in 38 years. My first-year-old Henry, you also became an old man, but there is a face-to-place The next work "E. T." of Henry also "Winter Rose" also went to a theater, and the name of my band of university era was "Winter Rose". The foundation of my life is LA itself every time since I was a small time. Himiko, I want to travel to LA now.

to be continued~


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