Concept "Live and Survive" to unknown area in Live and Survive

The other day, I dine with my designer and fashion industry in Nakameguro. On that day, when it was a heavy rain, when I got a shop near Meguro River, which I walked for 34 minutes from Nakameguro Station, his shoes were, of course, wet to Bishobisho until the knee of the pants. I was a little late to leave the office, so I didn't meet the start of my meal, but when I got it to the table, everyone is already excited and it's exciting, and the shoes and pants are wet to catch up early in that tension I was completely forgotten, and the pace of sake from the beginning was fully rotated.

Although the story is starting to be exciting, the contents are after all "corona". It seems that there is a variety of changes around you and there are various changes around Corona, and it seems that there are many fellows involved in the fashion industry. Some members of the place also have a big turning point at this summer or autumn, and the cause is aligned and it is corona.

I've written many times in this place, but I'm really corona, who has been piled up, and I'm afraid of eating a career and a Reason Deter (existence value) so far, and I'm afraid I'm out of the existence It is a demon. How long does it mean that this demon and how many times? Now I have no choice but to be a strong feeling that it does not crush it to fear and anxiety coming from unknown.

The dinner of the day is lighter and dissolved at the pub where there are many foreigners gather in the second. The pub was more than the grained, and it was a fun night that could be spoken with lots of foreigners while protecting social distances, and it was a fun night that was released from Corona stress.

Such a fun dinefilant no choice is also in the second half of July, in the second half of July, which was originally set for the Olympic opening. In addition to the Olympics but also various events are postponed or discontinued, there is also a Suttamonda of "GOTO Travel".The annoying holidays were quite vacated. Such waste longAs soon as the consecutive holidays were opened, negative news in the fashion industry was jumped in succession as if it was cut.

Brand pause of "Issey Miyake Men",Business reorganizationNews such as Stella McCartney, "It is due to the influence of corona.

Issei Miyake is a brand restAlthough it is mentioned that it is not the effect of new coronavirus, it is said by coronaSince sales are sluggish due to stores closed, etc.,I just canceled the new graduates who were planning to join the next spring. The brand pause of "Issey Miyake Men" is clearer than seeing the fire that corona is affecting.Meanwhile, Stella McCartney is the influence of coronaAs with other companies, we have a real comment that we have a very difficult aspect.

The brand's rest and reorganization that everyone knows, the disturbing atmosphere has finally started to be reality,Creators and companies on a global scaleI am expressing what is standing in a cliff. Not only the fashion industry but also the industry that became adversed by corona, there are a lot of fashion, and how long to reconstruct your business will be reconstructed, and it is urgent.

Under such circumstances, Katsuyukikodama has expanded "Joggers and Walkers" started as a new category in July,Jog's cap and leather pocket storage type eco bag, IRONY (ironing) lunch tote in AugustI will release one after another.

Furthermore, the natural disaster that also wrote in this blog the other daySuggest a bag and peripheral items that combine the functions and performance necessary for emergency"Live and Survive" planningDuring the intuitive concept of "living, and survive" in progress, various ideas are exploding.

Since there is a disaster response item, there are easily plans, and the plan is not easy, but this weekend is likely to be outlined by the plan itself. This is also expected to expect the progress in this place.

"Live and Survive" planning is a plan for "LIVE and SURVIVE"Naturally, the recent sustainable has started to build a new concept focused on "live" ahead of that, and started to build newly in KatsuyukikoDama. It is also a trap of corona, and a lot of rainy rain that is getting up closeNatural disasters such as earthquakesThe strong crisis awareness of not waitingI moved my mind.

Today, for natural disasters that may come to me tomorrow,As far asThere is no way to do a branding period and branding the development period. If you feel that it is necessary or want this, it will progress immediately. I will act intuitively in the intuitive concept. that isIt is an item of "Live and Survive".

Today, the news of the river's breakdown due to heavy rainfall in the Tohoku Yamagata was reported. It is also a flood damage. There is no waiting. We areGoing to unknown area in Live and Survive (Live and Survive

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