Start shipping overseas!

The overseas shipment that was more desire than usual wasFrom JulyStart.

We are very happy to hear from us and EU countries, Hong Kong and Singapore, and we will be able to answer the request from overseas customers.

The other day, I asked a friend living in LA for a purchase test. I often meet again with my friends on the online screen.Purchase test finished earlyThe story reached several hours by communicating and talking about the situation in corona trouble.

La is a new corona infection every dayAbout 60 percent of the vaccines were finished in CaliforniaThe duty of wearing masks from the state was also liftedIt is said that the life without the mask is recovered. The famous sushi shop that the procession which a friend works is also crowded every day, and it is a difference of the speed of the recovery of the corona victory country America and economy recovery.

However, due to the economic damage caused by corona over a year and a half, a friend's partner changed his job, and his friend himself had several jobs, not only the main job. Considering Japan, which has fallen into the corona recession over the United States, it is not thought that the corona after the corona is usually uncommon, and the uneasiness of the unseen future seems to continue for the time being.

The friend living in LaTwiceIt is said that the vaccine has been inoculated, and the partner who lives with a friend refuses the inoculation and is still unvaccinated. The vaccine is not inoculated yet. Look after it! " DM came to me in insta. It was an American program to discuss the dangers of vaccination.

Why don't he hit the vaccine? " Anyway, it seems to be reluctant to hit the vaccine anyway. The United States and the United Kingdom have a high percentage of vaccination in the 60% level, and there is a certain percentage of people who have the idea of rejecting a vaccine like a friend's partner.

While I once accepted the advice of the vaccine and friend friend in LA, I decided to make the first inoculation early next week. The reservation in my area was easily removed.FiftyI want to finish the second vaccination that I made the reservation during the Bon holiday only while the corona is becoming a problem.

The Olympic Games will open next week, and the problem of whether it will be held for several months to one year will end. Since there is no spectator in the competition around Tokyo, I will watch the Olympics on TV. Because the shopping is declaring an emergency situation at the web. KK's goods will be delivered to the whole world from next week!

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