2nd: Writer Designer Journal

[June 1, 2021]

You may finally unveilize your 20 years of hobbies. This is really fun. Exciting feeling does not stop👍

Thank you for giving a rising dragon🐉

[Commentary] There was an event that feels that a good edge was born from the beads of people and people. AND. Mr. Kudo of the president of the showroom (hereinafter: Kudo-chan) encountered in my lifeHe is one of the "Kichigai". I was asked to introduce a person from that of Kudo-chan. Actually, it may be to unveilize my 20 years of hobbies through that person. That person and 2The year of the year is still secret, but it is definitely realized so it is really fun. Kudo-chan, thank you for introducing!


[June 3, 2021]

It is important to be more important than academic background, "How are you living now?"

Of course, myself who has been living is important, but it is important to spend in the past, and it is probably a fault to get over the wall.

In a positive mind, let's walk above and walk better than below.

[Commentary] There are sad people who can only see people from "academic background" and "appearance, etc." and "income". It will be cute if you're in touch with such people. Of course, "academic background" should have pride because it is your living proof, and it is difficult to keep the style even if it is "appearance", so the effort should be in souvenir. It is wonderful because "income" is high and our achievements.

That's right, but if you always hang up in the conversation, it will be tired even if it clicks. So, I decided not to get too close from here.It is too different from me to "academic background" or "appearance (height, etc.)" or "income" or "income".After this ageIn particular, I think I don't want to spend time with people who are sloppy with people who are voting ideas and shoulder elbows non-stress.


[June 4, 2021]

This week is a long time in Jingu. If you come to this land that has been active for over 20 years, there will probably never change from different thoughts.

Now, in a new land of both countries and Kamezawa, it is active with the goals above that time. More priority to thinking about measures to respond to dramatic changes in the times, more than anything, more priority to thinking about measures to respond to dramatic changes in the times.

It is also the air of Kamezawa who raised culture from Edo to Meiji to Meiji.

If the entrance door of Maison Paradiddle was opened and meeting, a new exciting plan has emerged.

It is a pleasant wind to blow through the KK shop from the shop. Thank you.

[Commentary] Omotesando, Gaienmae, who went at work, and a little pass, but I got off the train and hardly walking slowly. I was really nostalgic because I worked in this area for more than 20 years. But now, the wind of Kamezawa, where now is the activity of the activities, and we have a lot of fun plans for us like salmon.

I'm going to walk on the tight rope with tension, but I feel that I'm going to steadily go to the "Title tip ahead" that is obviously different from the time of Jingu. So I do not feel so early that time is over.

I would like to look forward to new creations that the landed Manufacture brands are out of the locally!

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