With high crude oil, the depreciation of the yen, and the war.

The exchange rate is going to be dangerous.

If I was surprised that I entered the 127 yen range for the first time in 19 years and 11 months in the morning of April 19, I was surprised to find out in the afternoon, over 128 yen, over 129 yen on the 20th for the first time in 20 years. Dollar high / yen depreciation level. In the last few days, it has been around the 128 yen range, but it is about 130 yen.

From around the fall of last year, material costs such as metal fittings, fabrics, tapes, zipperes, etc. to be purchased soaring, and notifications of price revisions from each related company on a daily basis were emails and mail, but this year is this year. Since then, in addition to crude oil high and ukrain crisis, the price revision has continued with a triple punch, which overlaps the rapid yen.

While the convergence of the new Colonavirus, which lasts more than two years, I imagined a year ago to threaten our lives with crude oil, war, and exchange rates? In particular, no one had expected that a one -sided invasion war of the powers would occur in the modern and 21st centuries of our lives.

As I learned about Russia's traging of the Ukrainian war in the Ukrainian, I wanted to find out various geopolitics and history in Europe. I will write down my interpretation of the research. I would like you to read this as my "memorandum for what I checked".

Japan where we live is an island country, so we have little experience of increasing borders. The Eurasian continent over the sea has a continuation of the earth, so there is a history of territorial dispute that continues over the years, but I don't think there are so many people who understand this deeply. There are a lot of people who are not familiar with world history, and I also majored in world history when I was a student, but I only have knowledge of college entrance exams.

In addition to that, Japan has not been under pressure from foreign countries to the mainland of its own country, so that Japan has been attacked two times, Kurofune arrived, and the Pacific War, so the people's consciousness of the territory and borders. Is thin.

On the other hand, on the Eurasian continent, including Europe, in the last half a century since I was born, due to territories and ethnic problems.The disputeIt has been awake in various areas. Conflicts in the Middle East, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, have never stopped, the Palestinian disputes in the central Europe, the Syrian Civil War, and the Palestinian problem over religion.On the Eurasian continentIt's no exaggeration to say that you're not in a war. Because the countries continue to land, they are so conscious of the border.

Europe has created a group of EU, which forms a free economic zone on the premise that he does not have war and does not commit territory. At the same time, the NATO's collective self -defense military alliance has existed and continues to expand, so it seems that the irritability of Russia, which is isolated, is in recent years when it will be overturned over the boiling point.

Wa after the end of the Cold WarSince 1991, when the Lucawa Treaty Organization was abolished and dissolved, the Non -Soviet Union (Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Czech Slovakia, Albania), which have been a member of the Organization, have been changed to NATO in order. I never knew what I did. Former Soviet Union, Baltic Municipality (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), of course, did not know that he had joined NATO since the 2000s, and is now invading from Russia. Ukraine did not know one micron, as if he was listening to NATO members.

I didn't know how much Russia was feeling threatened, impatient, and frustrated with NATO because I didn't know the steady NATO's expansion. If you think about it,Almost all of the nations were going to the NATO side like Othello, so Russia's loneliness would not have been odd.

I don't understand the current Russian position and situation, but in February this year, Russia would be suspicious and the tension with Ukraine increased, but it would be a war of invasion. We are so happy that we are peaceful and unfamiliar with Putin, even if the experts are not actually aware of Putin's seriousness.

World War I, SecondaryworldIf you look deeply about the composition of European powers during the war, the previous industrial revolution, and the elevation of Napoleon aiming for unification of Europe, the invasion wars to protect territory in Europe have been and in any era. But I realize that it's the default.

Everyone had believed that there was absolutely impossible war by developed nations in the world of World War, and everyone believed that territorial issues could be solved in diplomacy, but this time Russia's military invasion of Ukraine is always. It was a situation that could happen.

After the French Revolution in the late 18th century, the war was not a territorial struggle in which the sovereign was shifted to the people, but the aristocracy was hired by the nobles, but the national state where ethnic and ethnic struggles went to the battlefield as a soldier. It turned into a war of the total war. That happened further boasting their own ethnic groups, and the consciousness of protecting the territory increased.

I knew that it was one of the means to form a nationalism that the state at that time enacted a common language and founded a public school and started compulsory education. After passing the surprise, you will want to know more modern history of Japan and the world.

The first World War of World War in the National State World War, this was the end of the United States, and Japan did not participate in the mainland in Europe.Ride the European warConsidering that they entered German leaseholds in China in the Far East Asia, they started as a battle between European countries rather than World War II.

A war where nearly 10 million soldiers were killed in the war between nations, which became a nation -state, and that 21 million were injured in battle. Originally, the conflict between the Mikuni Alliance in Germany, Austria and Italy and the British and France and Russia, the Sangoku -Russia, has led to the first World War.

World War II, which began in 1939, began with Germany and France declared war on Germany. The war began only 21 years after the first world war, which ended in 1918, with many deaths in relatives, including children, siblings, and relatives. And this also started in Europe.

If you think that the war between European countries, I wrote it a while ago, but it is a fact that it is really default in any era.

This year has been 77 this year since World War II in 1945. During this time, in Europe and other Eurasian continents, there have been skirmishes and conflicts, but there is no war called war. But that period is only 77 years. It's no wonder that a big war occurs anytime. This time Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been spoiled from the previous European geopolitics and history.

 As mentioned earlier, the United States participated in the first World War in 1917. Three years after the war began. Russia's Ukrain Crisis has only been two months. It can be seen that the war has just begun. If you learn the flow of the times in a history textbook, you will only read the letters, so the war will start quickly and it will end in no time, but from the people who lived during the war. Then, for a day, one week, one month, and one year, I must have felt so long, just as we are now looking at Ukrainicrissis.

The new media newspaper at the time was a propaganda and the people were playing horror, and the people really believed it, but the current new media SNS was rampant and it was difficult to sort out Facts.The media to use has changedThe government's wandering of fake by the government has never been known in the past or now. History is really repeated.

Again, World War I and World War II began as a European war, and after the powers entered one after another, the war spread to the world, and then the world war. The current situation is still Russia vs. Ukraina, but if Russia harms NATO member states in some way, there is no doubt that it will be a global war with the right to collective self -defense.

Furthermore, Finland, which has a land border of 1300 km in a neighboring country of Russia, is said to have increased tension with Russia because it has not yet joined NATO. In June, there are observations with Sweden to apply for NATO members.

Considering the current situation in Europe, I always think that NATO vs. Russia is a very dangerous situation that is more than a former Cuban crisis and is very similar to the past war. The only difference from that time was the existence of nuclear weapons, and in the past, the nuclear deterrence has continued to work, but Putin has been able to use the nucleus, and the situation that does not really get really ratified is approaching. I have to say it. Both crude oil and the depreciation that repeated disturbing movements are intertwined with the war, and I feel like it's becoming a thread ball that can no longer be solved, and the fear is increasing day by day. I am.

I want leaders in each country to have diplomacy to prevent war with all my might, but when I watch the movie "Before Battle of Munich Battle Burning" distributed last year on Netflix, Germany in the UK Chembaren. The appeasement policy for the President Hitler intersects with the current US President Biden's weak diplomacy, and it feels really unreliable. The leaders of the world! ! Don't repeat history! ! Good luck now! !

This blog is a memorandum only, and the war is ongoing, so of course I can't write a conclusion, but the fact that I have learned Europeans in the last two months when Ukrainicrissis started is not emotional, but the fact that is happening now. I think it was really useful to look directly at neutral.

The podcast "Coten Radio -Coten Radio" I wrote on the previous blog is explained in a way that is quite easy to understand and described in World War II, so please listen to it.

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