2022 dramatic changes in lifestyle

The lifestyle has changed dramatically from last year to this year.

First of all, I no longer watch digital terrestrial TV. I haven't watched the variety for many years because it's noisy, but I've been watching news and morning information programs.(No, is it more appropriate to be flowing?) But recentlyI didn't even see it.

Instead, we came to see sub -ski video distribution services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. When you want to watch it, you can watch the program you like as much as you want, but you are addicted to everyone as if you were late.

I'm really sure, but I'm convinced that there are too many content to watch in the sub -ski video distribution service, and I will never return to the terrestrial broadcasting anymore. If you have a little time every day,I will launch a video distribution service. At first, I was addicted to Korean dramas, but now I am enjoying a wide variety of content, such as monopoly movies, world -global historical films, and documentaries.

Similarly, podcasts have recently learned how to enjoy them. It was LINE from my brother that I became addicted to podcasts.

In February of this year, when I entered Ukraine Crisis, my brother said, "Listen to VOICY's Coten Radio! I have finished listening to Ukraine and Russia six times, but about Russian knowledge and history. LINE came to say that I became more familiar.

My older brother has three more interesting things than newspapers and terrestrial television news and cobblestone mixed online media, and it is (1) BS-TBS's "Press 1930", (2) VOICY's Coten Radio, (3) Cultural Broadcasting "Cultural Broadcasting". Good morning temple -chan.

I usually know the satellite broadcast BS-TBS and radio cultural broadcasting, but what? Voice? Coten radio? What is that? At first I thought.

A few days later, LINE came persistently, saying, "Listen to Voicy's Coten Radio!"

What is Voice?"Future broadcasting station to enjoy voice and personality"It seems that you can listen to everything for free from a new audio media from Japan, which started in 2016, from a dedicated app or web. Unlike the radio, you can listen to the program you want to listen to at any time, and you can rewind and fasten. And there is no "music".

I continued to investigate "Coten Radio -Coten Radio". this isIt seems to be a historical podcast that started in November 2018. With Ryunosuke Fukai and Yang YukiIt seems that three people from Higuchi are talking about the history of Japan and the world from a flat viewpoint, and from a flat perspective.

Radio is a media that is familiar to me because I listen to it every day because the imagination is more exciting than the TV where the video flows. Moreover, since I was a student, I was a world history major, so I became interested as I checked the historical explanation radio "Coten Radio -Coten Radio", and DL the VOICY app. I started listening immediately.

This is interesting and interesting! !Ryunosuke Fukai and Yang Yukiyuki's good tempo talk toneThe reaction of Mr. Higuchi is intertwined, explaining the history in an easy -to -understand manner, and the talk itself becomes a history database. There are no ideology, subjectivity or emotions on the right or left, and they explain the facts of history based on enormous materials.

All six Ukraine Crisis episodes were so interesting that I finished listening at a stretch, but I became more familiar with the history and geopolitics in the Russian and Ukrainian regions than those commentators. Episodes such as my favorite "French Revolution", "Napoleon", "World War I", "What is the Emperor?" I am listening.

Voice and podcast are different apps, but "Coten Radio -"Coten Radio" is distributed on both, so you can listen to it either way. I am at firstCoten Radio -Coten Radio "I was listening in Voice. But I came to listen to PodCast on the way. The reason for searching was easier to do with podcast.

Video distribution services and audio media that can be selected "watching" or "listen", not forced television or radio, can not help but feel the arrival of the new era. Now, the video distribution services and audio media full of content that are more fulfilling more than television and radio have the power to easily end the 20th century business model, and I'm excited every day.

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