Happy New Year 2022 [Information on January business schedule]

!! Happy New Year 2022 !!

happy new year

We will deliver the first sunrise from Oita Prefecture, the hometown of the designer.

I think everyone is spending a warm New Year in 2022.

Last year was a heartwarming year for many encounters. I was encouraged by your contacts and felt that it was a day of thanks.

Japan is a tiger year this year. The year of the tiger seems to be the year of growth and the beginning.

May people all over the world become a calm and happy year.


[Information on business schedule]

Online Store & Maison Paradiddle

Business days/Open from January 5th.

Closed/ Sunday & 10th (holiday)

* Winter Sale is held. We are holding a backpack sale for the first time in several years. Please see as soon as the stock number is limited.



Opening date/ January 2nd 9:30-20:00

* It is usually open after January 3rd

* Winter Sale is held. If you are worried, please come to the store as soon as possible.


Hankyu Men's Osaka 1F Bag Office

Opening date/ January 2nd 9:30-20:00

* We are holding WINTER SALE, including Hankyu Bespoke items. The number is limited, so if you are interested, please come as soon as possible.

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