Lessons after drinking

Even so, I drank too much last night. Sales staff of customers' young MD and Uchi company, and finally Sayo Sako of factory chief participated and it was fun to the end.

The past was drinking as every day in Previous, Jingu, but I made a Lab to Yanagi Bridge and drinking at Asakusa Bridge.

Since I was not so far from Jingu Miyama, I was back with a taxi even if I drank, but the taxi is quite cost from Asakusa Bridge. So after drinking in Asakusa Bridge, I will return by train unless I have a good time.

This train ...... A super-demon for me. Be sure to sleep. It's not only going to go to bed, but also to the station far from your home.

Not only that. Forget the wallet and iPhone on a half a year. It's not proud, but it may forget to forget each bag.

Such a day is super reflection while walking back in an awkwardness and anxiety, but I will do the same thing as several months.

Why is the loss every few months, and every time, every time, they will come back to hand without anyone.

I'm deeply reflecting the way back, but if it's early the next day, I found it up to the morning, and I'm going back to my hand as if I had nothing to do by the afternoon, I'm going back to my hand itself.

Japan is a really peaceful and safe country ~ I think that I forgot at the moment of reflection of the previous day. So also repeat.

Well, yesterday I did it again!

This forgot is the Pasmo's W Zip coin purse and iPhone.

Yesterday, while reflecting "I'm going to see you again ~ ~", this time I was also somewhere in the heart of the mind that "I can find it in the morning of the morning".

W Zip coin purse has a capacity, and it is always jar or small change, and it will probably count 10,000 yen. Even though there is also an optimistic feeling that is not sweet, it was an uneasy feeling that it hurts even if it was taken.

And this morning,

W Zip coin purse and iPhone came back to the room as soon as possible. This time, it is also intact.

Oh, I always repeat the mistake. But this time I am also sensitive to peaceful Japan.


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