Overhaul Rolex Submarina

ROLEX submarina put out overhaul (hereinafter: O / H).

I am embarrassed for 20 years. I could use it without any problems, and if I thought that I had no need to go out to O / H, 20 years have passed for a moment.

However, I felt that the use period exceeded 20 years in April this year, and I felt that I got it to be O / H and make my movement clean.

Why didn't it get out of O / H for 20 years? There are several reasons.

1. Since the stains of the face have been worried about the stains of the face, when we changed the lotion, emulsion and cosmetic solution to good guy of aging care, the quick effect disappeared and surprisingly disappeared.

2. If you go to the teeth for the teeth last year, the number of times using a toothpoth is not only a toothed teeth, and the number of times of eating has been significantly reduced and the post-meal stress was lost.

3. A trunk that has been deteriorated from one last year and he has been deteriorated, and the posture was improved and the stiff shoulders decreased dramatically.

After all I needed the body and maintenance, I felt that I woke up one after another, and finally came to see the submarina to O / H (← so, that's why (laughs)?).

So, if you bring a submarina to the Rolex roadside store in Kiyakozaka, Hiraku Hills, you will receive an estimate of the Submarina and answer that it will not fall at least at least at least 100,000 yen.

The breakdown of the estimate is about half the basic charge of O / H, such as dismantling and cleaning of movement, and polishing of case breath. In addition, we exchange lots of parts deteriorated in 20 years including crystal, crunch, tube, bezel disc, bezelcreck drilling, balle stick, needle. Twenty-year Tsuke, there are more than 100,000 nutks to my ...

Two weeks later, a formal estimate arrived by mail, and O / H started after a receiving reply. And about one month later O / H completed as scheduled. I went out of the ROLEX of ROLEX of ROLEX of ROLE, just before Wide Buddha.

I'm surprised to meet the submarina that finished O / H at the counter! ! It's not a new one, the more you misunderstand it! I thought that the polishing is also in the grand menu, but I thought it would be beautiful and I thought it would come back, but this completion degree is more than expected, hundreds of hundred times.

Rolex, customer satisfaction is more than full. This will realize that Katsuyukikodama has had to go to the same manifac tur brand and returned from Paris, and it was also decided that the other Rolex, the Boys size of the date just to love for 18 years and O / H !

Submarina and Datejust, from now on, I will go out to overhaul every three years.


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