Italian studs


I have three wallets.

Main is multi-case. Sub is W Zip coin case. And two folds for overseas outbreaks. Use all studs models.

The studs that are one of Katsuyukikodama icons are made in Italy. There is a book of one of the studies at the vendor of Uchi, "Eh? Do you have such a studded?" The product development began from the place.

Now, the president's chairman who was died is probably a hobby studded. The company's main businesses were a foil press shop, and one of the machines pushing the foil was remodeled to the studded machine.

When I asked for the first time, several billion studs were invented, and the box of studs that does not decrease for many years was dusted. The back of the chairman is also troubled with the use of studs as well as "using it for something."

Katsuyukikodama sells to the end of the 2014 spring summer season, sells in a blink in blinking, and adding it. If you hit a studded with a bag such as multi-case or coin purse, but also a bag such as a backpack or Bonzack, you will not be inventory in no time, and it will be added to Italy!

The chairman died before re-ordering in Italy, but it is still about the studded studded.

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