Iron rule's triple beat / The Three Ironclad Rules


Today is a Dinner with a Distributor's friend and Male's Meat Showering "Robert et Louise", who met in Milan three years ago.

I wrote a meat shop, but Coco is a beautiful restaurant. Before the restaurant, it seems that it was a meat shop, so Coco is a butcher. It is confident in the meat just because it was a meatsheet, and the steak here is baked at the charcoal is really delicious even if it is rare or smell.

Not only delicious, volume, cospa's triple beat is always full of fashion weeks and always full of reservations. So I made a reservation every few months every time, and it is a nuttering restaurant who always visits a customer and a friend with a friend and friends.

It is not easily aligned as well as the taste, volume, cospa's triple beat. Even if the taste is good, there are few volumes, or even if there is a volume, it is a corresponding price. Cospa is good, but there are common stores for dishes. Those stores do not go twice.

It is a restaurant that can be matrix that everyone who can not do it and the three beats that can not be made beautifully. It is really the same everywhere in the world. There is always a reason for the store and the lasting stores.

The same is true for our bags. The taste of the restaurant is the product taste, the volume is the product itself and the appearance of the product itself, and the cospa is proper price ..., that is, the price is set below the price that the customer feels looking at the product.

There are really few brands with this triple beat, so we are working on the goal of being able to do it.

Today, great news has come back from the trading partner. Immediately after knowing the content that is difficult to allow, I would definitely find the answer if I could suppress my indignation. It is now refreshing here now, but I feel that it would be difficult if I do not deal with it early.

In the middle of stacking training to become a brand of three beats, it is rude and the movement of the thief is not permitted.

Tonight I Will Have A Diner At A Butcher Called "Robert et Louise" in the Marais with A Friend of a Distributer WHO I Met in Milan Three Years Ago.

I said "a butcher" but it's a restaurant. It used to be a butcher before it became a restaurant, so it is still a butcher to me. Their meet is stunning. Stakes grilled over the charcoal are really tasty. Even the rare stakes HAVE NO Smells.

Here is always fully packed during the fashion week because their dish is not only tasty but also filling and has a good value for the price. I always make a reservation at least some months in advance. I come here once or twice taking my clients and Friends. Here Is My Must Go Restaurant.

The taste, volume, and value do not easily come together. Taste is good but not filling enough, filling is enough but the price is pretty high, and the value for the price is ok but not tasty ... I never come back to these kinds Of Restaurant.

The popular restaurants have these three elements, which are difficult to have at one time. It's always the same in other countries as well. The ones that have a line and run for a long time have a reason.

I can say the same thing for our bags, too. For restaurants, our product taste means a flavor, our style / appearance means volume, and the appropriate price means the value for the price. The price must to be below the one that customers Evaluate the Products.

Since It's Really Hard To Find The Brands That Have All These Three Elements, Every Day I do My Best to Make My Brand to Be The One.

Today bad news came to me from a client. I could not find a way to calm myself down after knowing the fact that was not acceptable to me. I'm not publishing it here, but I need to figure out the way to solve the Problem as Soon As Possible Before It's Too Late.

Despite The Efforts We Make to Complete The Three Elements, Some Bad Moves Come Out of Nowhere. Of Course I Cannot Dismiss Any of These.

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