The brand in front of Jingu is the original of the Sumida River. 2 / The reason why the brand of jingu-mae Creates Products by Sumida-River: Part 2

Trained studio

Our studio of Taito Ward, Taito-ku, started from July 2012 was the battlefield every day. There were no works of Katsuyukikodama, which continues to be manufactured one after another because of a small amount of efficient OEM production and not yet a dealer, and there was no work.

We also launched the company and had been about two years, so we have been working in a small amount from the OEM to sales, and the work from the OEM destination is also increasing because it will receive a small amount. I was.

Katsuyukikodama started from Paris Tranoi exhibition in 2012, but the order from overseas started from almost zero (HISTORYSee), we continued to create various taste samples while looking at the interim production of OEM production to see how to suggest.

So workshops are dwarf every day. The sound of hitting the sewing machine and how to hit the sewing machine until midnight, and the workshop that has been made to the non-Night Castle was called Satianan.

Saso (Paradigodol Managing Directors Co., Ltd.) to step on the sewing machine. We meet at the age of 18 and are the best friends from the university era that we continue to date.

Before you can work, Sosaru has been training for several years for the master and brother of the maker.

At the time of the Great East Great Earthquake, my master and her brothers came home immediately after the earthquake, but Sayo is lucky that the main sewing machine used by the master is free! I thought and the train started to move the sewing machine until the next morning. It is a man who does not feel what the bit of trouble is to continue working with Satian.

Such a workshop started and three months have passed, and there was a talk to sell the equipment to sell the equipment by the acquaintance repair factory to stop the business. We jumped to the story immediately, and had a cheap match such as a sewing machine, a long post, an arm of the arm, various works, work chairs, a kitchen knife, idiot, drilling punch, etc. cheaply.

Even if cheap, we were quite good for us at that time, but I believe it. If you're now, I felt that the earlier decision at this time has grown from the studio to a full-fledged factory.

The Studio with NO break

It was a battlefield every day in our studio in Kojima, Daito Ward where we started to run in July 2012. We had no day-off. We kept handling the inefficient OEM productions and making samples of the brand KATSUYUKIKODAMA although there were still no dealers .

Since IT WAS Just Two Years After We Launched The Business, We Took Any Small Oem Orders. Unfortunately, THAT Made These Small Orders Increase More and More.

KATSUYUKIKODAMA, which made its debut at the exhibition "TRANOI" in Paris in January 2012, started with nearly no orders (cf. HISTORY). To discover effective proposals to get orders from clients, we kept making various samples taking time out of OEM production .

SO THE STUDIO WAS Super Busy Everyday. The Noise From Sawing Machines and Caulking Continued Until The Midnight and People Called The Studio "SATYAM".

The Person Worked on the Swing Machine Was Sako (Senior Vice President, Paradiddle Inc.). He is a Best Friend of OURS Since Since We Met When We Were 18 Years Old.

Before The Studio Started, Sako Had Years of Training At The Place of Maestro and Senior Fellows in Kuramae.

When Tohoku earthquake occurred in Japan, the maestro and the senior fellows went home right away to evacuate. At the moment he thought it was a chance to use the sawing machine of the maestro and he used it all night long. So it was no problem For Him to Work in Such a Studio with Endless Tasks.

When about three months passed after the studio had started, a repair factory that we knew decided to quit business and was going to sell their equipment. We jumped at the chance and could get everything with good discounts, such as various sawing machines, work tables , WORK CHAIRS, KNIVES, Eyelets, Hollow Punches.

The Price Was Still Expensive for US At That Time, But We Just Decided to Buy Them. Now We Think This Quick Decision Was A Key to Bring The Small Studio To The Real Factory.


[Image] Buy four sewing machines, long posts, arms and sewing machines. October 2012.

Picture: Total Four Sawing Machines After Purchasing The Equipment. October 2012.

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