Reasons to make things with the original of the Samida River ~ 1 / The Reason Why The Brand of Jingu-Mae Creates Products by Sumida-River

Commitment to "in-house integrated production"

Katsuyukikodama's Manufacture Brand of "Inchability Production". Starting from design and creations, drawings-pattern-sample production and continuing, and all processes from production to finish are conducted in-house.

This "in-house integrated production" has been thinking about one of the absolute conditions for Katsuyukikodama to become a world brand. Your creation is made to be completed by themselves. What I think is natural is the current goal and it is a Muta that must be absolutely successful and lives every day in strong beliefs.

Our company Paradidal / Paradiddle Inc. Headquartered, Katsuyukikodama's showroom is held in front of Shibuya-ku, and there is a sewing plant on Taito Ward Yanagi Bridge of the Sorida River. The headquarters have long been Shibuya Ward and the factory will lead to relocation and expanding.

The factory started July 2012. At that time, we have started a small workshop at Kojima Taito-ku, to respond to Katsuyukikodama's sample production and small amount OEM production, who have just been working in Shibuya-ku, January 2012. . Yes, not at the factory, studio. Two staff members.

Knowing that the underground warehouse of the vendor's buildings was open and consulted immediately, it was a contract on the same day by consulting that they wanted to borrow. I went to Kojima while having only a single six-sided and a leather machine, which was in the Hangan office, who was not in the early days of hair, and took it a hot day in early summer.

Start first from the story just five years ago.

Our Policy: in-House Integrated Production

. KATSUYUKIKODAMA is a manufacture brand of in-house integrated production They have all procedures in the company: starting from design creation, to drawing, pattern, sample production, manufacturing, and finishing.

I have always thought that this business model is the absolute reason in order for KATSUYUKIKODAMA to be a worldwide brand. Our creation has to be completed by ourselves. This way of thinking is our goal to reach and also the matter we must to accomplish. We Live in this Firm Belief Every Day.

Our company named PARADIDDLE INC. Has a showroom in front of the head office located in Jingu-mae, Shibuya Ward in Tokyo and a garment factory by the Sumida-river in Yanagibashi, Daito Ward. The head office has always been in Shibuya Ward and Factory Has Ben Expanding with Some Relocation.

The factory started running in July 2012. We were working in Jinnan, Shibuya Ward in Tokyo at that time. Then we decided to have a small studio in Kojima, Daito Ward in order to produce samples and to deal with a small amount of OEM for Katsuyukikodama, WHICH HAD JUST MADE ITS DEBUT AT THE EXHIBITION "TRANOI" in Paris in January 2012. IT WAS JUST A Studio NOT A Factory, with Just Two Staffs.

Right after we heard that a basement warehouse of a supplier was available to use, we went to talk to the owner and sighed a contract on that day with the agreement that some goods and the stocks in the warehouse could be left. We moved right away From the Office in Jinnan with A Flat Sawing Machine and A Leather Sawing Machine, Sweating All over in a humid summer day.

Now Let's Start The Story From Just Five Year Ago.


[Image] A workshop started in July 2012. The space between the vendor's luggage and the stock is less than 30 m2. Neverthetically started sample production and OEM production.

Picture:.. In July 2012 when we started the studio It was less than 30㎡Besides the goods left behind from the supplier However, we had a good start in the sufficient room for sample production and OEM production at that time.

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