Maison Paradiddle August Business Day Information

 [Information on Maison ParadidDle business schedule]

Business days/weekdays (AM11: 00-PM19: 00) 11,12 & Saturday (PM12: 00-19: 00)

Closed/Sunday & 15, 16 days


Location: 1300014 1-1-9 / Phone: Phone: 03-6659-6616


The heat is continuing, but are you all doing well?

One year and three months have passed since Maison Paradiddle opened.

As a store where you can actually pick up products, we are having fun communicating with everyone who visits.

Although it is a vibrant store for us, the owner seems to want to open a restaurant in this location.

It is undecided when it will be changed when the business format and subsequent Maison ParadidDDLE will go.

It seems that there is a limited opportunity to see the products in one place.

If you are worried about this store, I would be grateful if you could come as soon as possible.

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