Beginning with a long -established boutique Kawano SHINJUKU

Founded in 1950. Popup is held at Kawano SHINJUKU until August 21st. Today we are talking about Kawano (hereafter, title omitted).

The start of the efforts with Kawano was that a buyer came to Noseason in Paris.

An exhibition in the Fall / Winter 2018 season, a designer on a business trip to Paris received a call saying, "Kawano's buyer now came to the exhibition and wanted to work on it?"

It is known in this industry that a long -established store in Shinjuku and high fashion sensitivity have been known in this industry, and there was an implicit rule unique to the fashion industry, "One city's initiative".

And a tension and strong image of Kawano SHINJUKU that I felt when I was a student. There was a question, would it fit with our merchandising?

My school days were 20 years ago. At that time, the Tokyo Collection was exciting, and the Tokyo Domestic brands such as 5351 Pour Les Homme, AlfredoBannister, Roarguns, Francist_mor.k.s, etc. When you step into Kawano, which handles seasonal brands, it is a jet -black world. I still remember that I was nervous about "welcome" greeted with bass voices. Kawano's impact was very strong for me, because I was not used to the road store.

However, the times change. Aside from the implicit rules and prejudice, when I met in Tokyo, I was in a motion.

 We feel that it is compatible with boutiques, as there were many street stores in overseas. Many of the shops where you can see your faces on a scale that are not too large, often look at things on a regular basis.

There are specific answers to the brand's questions, "How are you recently?"

I think this is a form that can only be done because the core of the brand of the store is inherited by the staff. I feel that it is a training of everyone's accumulation that wants customers to provide the best services including product MDs.

If you want to enjoy fashion or how to enjoy fashion, please visit Kawano SHINJUKU.

Surely, there should be a world where you can enjoy fashion for you♪

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