パリにて / In Paris











Now I’m in Paris.

In January 2012, I decided to shift the place to Paris to start the presentation. It ‘s been five and a half years already. I moved the place to Milan for a moment but moved again to be based in Paris three seasons ago.

During the fashion week I always try to reach the same level of the designers from all over the world, which is very important. Walking in The Marais, I feel the entire city is covered by its gorgeous atmosphere.  There are galleries, showrooms, and exhibitions everywhere running presentation.

Preparing the new collections of KATSUYUKIKODAMA every time means that not only its creation and quality, but also its schedule is now reached the world standard.

To the same timing, designers from the world prepare their new collections. These tastes can be avant‐garde, traditional, and artistic, and many more. At the same date, they present their items to the buyers from all over the world, get evaluations, and get purchased. Of course and vice versa.

In fashion industry, there are two seasons, so we have the same flow every half a year. It was my dream that this schedule would be a part of my lifework as a routine. After the dram came true, I strongly feel that I need to go to the next step.

Every single piece is very stimulating when I’m in Paris during the fashion week.

Not only the fashionistas who came to Paris, the fashionable foreign tourists, newly discovered shops and architectures, signs and posters in the city, and even the interior decorations in the apartments are so stimulating that Paris itself drives me crazy like a drug.

I never get bored with this city. The time to be here drawing myself in this drug is very important. Needless to say the days here are necessary for the next creation.

The daytime is very long during the period in Paris. The sun does not go down until around 10pm. In summer 2012, when I came to Paris for my first time, I was really surprised by that. Well, now it’s time to go to a café in The Marais bathing in this strong afternoon sun.



Picture: The apartment in District 3 where I’m staying this time. I always love The Marais.

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