神宮前のブランドが隅田川の畔りで物を作る理由〜7 / The reason why the brand of Jingu-mae creates products by Sumida-river: Part 7












皮革産業や材料問屋の集まる台東区でのバッグ生産の拠点を置くことは効率的で当然といえば当然だけど、台東区の中でも隅田川の畔りの柳橋にPARADIDDLE LABを開設した理由は、遥か昔から脈々と流れ続ける隅田川の美しい水と風を常に接し浴びながらクリエイションをしたかったから。


From Kojima to Yanagibashi

At the promotion in Isetan Men’s department store in December 2013, PACK1 became the most remarkable item from the second day. We increased production more and more for the two-week term. The items sold as soon as they were restocked. It carried everything before one.

At this point, I told Sako and the staffs in studio, “We will keep producing PACK1 for a whole year in 2014.” They gave a wry smile. How would it be better to produce PACK1 efficiently? Are we doing right to do it now? How many pieces can we produce in a month? The feeling of anxiety and the threating situation filled the whole studio.

Despite of such a situation, other various reactions came up around us. Right after the two-week promotion in Isetan Men’s department store, our permanent exhibition from spring 2014 got determined.

Moreover, during the fashion week in January 2014 in Milan and Paris, we got a high evaluation for Pack1 and also got the best order volume.

After getting back from Paris, we had an exhibition in Harajuku, Tokyo and we got an opportunity to spread our products at all stores of B'2nd.

It was like a feeling that magma that has pooled for years suddenly erupted.

Just as my prediction, we kept producing PACK1 for a whole year in 2014. In addition to PACK1, PACK2 and PACK3 have been released. Then at the end of the year, PACK4 was born and now we have a full collection completed.

The promotion and the visual presentation in Isetan Men’s department store have been proceeded two or three times in each season. So we constantly keep producing backpacks still now in 2017.

The studio has been relocated from Kojima, Daito Ward to Yanagibashi in July 2016. The number of sewing machines has increased and we have added a cutting machine and other equipment as well to make the studio transform a factory. The sales team, the manufacturing control, and the financial team have been merged into the factory from Jingu-mae, Shibuya Ward. It definitely made the productivity better than before.

Daito Ward was a good place to be for us because leather industry and material wholesaler are gathered there. The reason why we have established PARADIDDLE LAB by especially Sumida River in this area is that we wanted to produce our creation as we feel the nature of the beautiful water and wind.

We are very happy to produce our own items at this place. Feeling the water and the breeze of Sumida River, we think we have reached at the exact place to be for our creation and production.


【画像】小島から柳橋へ移転したPARADIDDLE LAB

Picture: PARADIDDLE LAB which has been transferred to Yanagibashi from Kojima.

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