* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

A compact wallet using python dyed slightly pink.

Because it is a small triple type, it is a good size that fits into a mini -shoulder, pocket in the bag, and jacket pockets.

It is also recommended for those who do not require a wallet capacity and those who have cashless.

The coin case is open large and makes it easier to find coins.

This is recommended when traveling abroad, and it is a nice point that it is easy to sort even if multilateral coins are mixed.

Since the surface is moderately applied, it is a type with little color change.


Card case: 3 rooms (about 6 pieces) / billing: 1 room / coin case: 1 room

Size/ H 7.5 W 10 D 3 cm

Materials/ exterior: Snake leather interior: cowhide, synthetic leather

Country of origin/ Japan

 Weight/ about 70g

Color: PINK

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