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It is a compact wallet using a python dyed slightly.

Because it is a small three-fold type, it is a size that is good for mini shoulder, pockets in bag, and jacket pockets.

If you are not needed for your wallet capacity, cashless is also recommended for the mainstream.

Coin case is large and easy to find a change.

This is a point that is recommended when traveling abroad, but even if a multi-country coin is mixed, it is a pleasant point.

Because the surface is moderately colored, color change is a type.


Card insert: 3 rooms (about 6 sheets storage) / wallet: 1 room / coin case: 1 room

Size / H 7.5 W 10 D 3 cm

Material / exterior: snake leather interior: Cowhide, synthetic leather

Production Country / Japan

 Weight / about 70 g

Color: PINK

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